Smart Ways to Maximise Your Small Kitchen

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pretty kitchen design
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So, you think you’re cursed with a small kitchen and can’t seem to find any joy in spending time in this room. However, any room has its special charm, regardless of its size. This is especially true for the kitchen – a necessity of every warm home. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just accept the fact that your small kitchen is always going to be messy and dull. If you’re interested in finding out how you can make the most out of your kitchen space, keep on reading.

More kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinets
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In a small kitchen, you want to create as much space as possible to move around. Therefore, extra storage that takes up most of the floor is out of question. Instead, opt for hanging elements and shelves. Basically, utilize your walls to the fullest. Get rid of, sell or repurpose all your floor cabinets with drawers and install extra hanging kitchen cabinets. If your walls are already packed with these, you can always make use of that highest space and reach the ceiling. Thanks to rolling ladders, you can easily reach even the highest cabinets.

Dining tables for small spaces

cute dining table
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Do you really need a bar or an island when you’re struggling with the limited space? Of course not. This is especially true for those of you who have separate dining rooms. However, in case you don’t have a dining room and use the kitchen bar or island to eat your meals, there’s still a better way to use the space you have.

Instead of these bulky structures, use a dining table. This may seem counterproductive, but if you opt for an extendable or folding dining table, you will have more space compared to fitting a whole bar or an island. And if you decide to pair your practical dining table with a wall bench or backless chairs, you will definitely have enough room to prepare your meals and enjoy eating them.

Utilize your ceiling

hanging pots and pans rack
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Sometimes, there’s simply no way you can fit larger pots and pans in your cabinets. In order to solve this particular small kitchen problem, utilize your ceiling space. Thanks to the wonder of pot and pan racks, you can have them hanging from your ceiling at your immediate reach, without taking any space from your cute and cozy kitchen.

If you’re worried about a metal hanging rack ruining the look of your kitchen, it’s worth mentioning that metallic details are really popular at the moment. You can take waterproof metallic spray and touch up various kitchen details to match the rack. On the other hand, you can paint the rack in any color you want.

Visually bigger space

mirror backsplash for kitchen
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When it comes to cooking, you know that your walls can get messy. In that respect, using backsplash can help you a lot. But, you can also use that same backsplash to prevent wall stains and make the room appear visually bigger. Essentially, all you need to do is to make or get a mirror backsplash. The reflection in the mirror has the power to make the space appear larger than it really is. In the end, you can use this trick to decorate your cabinet doors as well.

Clutter-free décor

clutter-free kitchen decor
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This may be the most important thing when it comes to making the most out of your small kitchen space. Declutter everything that you simply don’t need. This means going through the content of all your storage space and getting rid of products that are past their expiration dates, empty boxes and packaging that everyone hoards in their drawers and all the dishes and cutlery that you simply never use.

What’s more, add a personal touch to your space. In order for you to feel pleasant, you can use paint colors that you like. Moreover, you can find affordable curtains and quality cheap rugs if you’re patient enough. Striking lamp shades and a decorative vases can also look really nice in your small kitchen.

If you’re not satisfied with the look of your kitchen, or any room in your home for that matter, you can change it. With Kaodim, there are plenty of means to get your renovation process started and get the look you desire. Get in touch with our professional contractors and receive quotations to begin your next project.


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