Smart Curtain Selection Tips For Your Home

When it comes down to selecting curtains for your home, it doesn’t have to be a complicated affair, but it pays to put in some thought and effort into it. Instead of solely basing your purchases on the aesthetics of the curtain design, consider all the other practical requirements of the drapes as well as compatibility with blinds. Read on to avoid installing curtain disasters like this:


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1. Get your measurements right

Make sure you take accurate and encompassing measurements. First of all, determine the length and width of the window that you want to drape. Don’t be sloppy or haphazard at this juncture, or you might mess up the dimensions. You don’t want a massive overhang or shortages. This is key in making your living space appear polished. A simple technique is to double or triple the measurements of the width. This ensures that the curtains come together nicely in the middle without gaping.

curtain measure

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2. Style

This is probably what you have been itching to address, and once the measurements are done you can decide on curtain designs. The nature of the fabric and cutting will determine what kind of look and hanging dimensions will be created. The type of material used will determine how it will fall. If it is too heavy, it might not fold crisply but if too light, it may not fall evenly. Silk, faux silk or taffeta are usually used when you want a longer hang; producing a rather dramatic and classy feel. Softer fabrics such as cotton and linen are meant to hang a little shorter, just barely grazing the floor. If your curtains are attached to unique curtain rods, you have to be extra cautious about the hang. Make sure your interior designer is aware of this in the planning stage.


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3. Functionality

When it comes down to the practicality of curtains, you must first determine where it should be placed and what function it is meant to serve. In addition to adding to aesthetics, framing windows with curtains are useful in blocking out sunlight. This is particularly important in hot and humid tropical Malaysia. You have to estimate an additional few inches on your drapes to block creeping light. Insulated curtains can also prevent wind drafting and ultimately trap cool air in the house. Sheer curtains are mainly decorative, but if you still want sunlight blocking capacities, use specific blinds such as wooden blinds or bamboo blinds and thicker drapes to complement the sheer curtain.


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4. Custom Window Treatments

Custom panels are made specific to your window dimensions. The idea is to ensure that you create a tailored look which fits in perfectly with your curtain design. Designs on custom panels are only limited to your imagination. Keep in touch with your interior designer who can help you select pretty curtain designs in Malaysia.


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