Smallest Apartments With The Biggest Styles

Whether it’s ~aesthetic~ or budget choices, compact living spaces are in style. Tiny studios and mini cabins are perfect for the minimalist millennial, but what if you want to add your own flair in limited square-footage?

These creative designs can give you some inspiration:

1. A Trendy Loft

Image Credit: Freshome
This trendy loft measures at 58 square feet and is segmented into two floors: the bottom floor houses the main activity area and fits a bathroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen, while the upper floor serves as a nice and isolated bed ‘room’ to get away from the hustle and bustle.
The loft’s windows are large to let in ample natural light. Bright colours – whites and oranges – adds to its modern, cheerful style, while minimalist furniture adds to the trendiness and maximises space.

2. Compact Corner

Image Credit: Freshome
This very compact apartment comes with a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and a walk-in closet plus storage space – perfect for the on-the-go single professional. The cosy-yet-functional bed ‘room’ is a little nook sharing the living and dining space. Homey warm and earthy colours adds to the comfortable feel.

3. Cosy Nook

Image Credit: Messy Nessy
 Another cute and compact loft with a more cosy spin, this apartment features a warm wooden theme – floor, wallpaper, and fixtures – that makes you feel all at home and comfortable. The bed nook is tucked away from the living space and kitchen for nice and quiet me-time, and features built-in panels for your various personal effects. More down-to-earth, natural, and easy-going compared to the snazzy orange loft above!

4. Urban Chic


Image Credit: Interior zine
Not a fan of heights? This 1-floor unit has got you covered. Complete with kitchen, dining nook, and space for entertaining and chilling, this urban-inspired apartment also comes with a hidden little area for a bed and personal space. The bedroom area rests on a platform with wooden cabinets and paneling for a comfortable feel, while the rest of the space is simple, no-fuss concrete and laminate.

5. Smart Spaces

Image Credit: Interior Zine
You don’t have to sacrifice space for a one-floor apartment – just look at this smart design! Urban, modern, and chic, this apartment features a smart folding wall to maximise your space. Fold and stash away your bed and closet in the day when you need the space to work and entertain. The TV screen can be rotated to face your bed or your living room – perfect for Netflix and chill no matter the hour.

6. Cluttered Comforts

Image Credit: Interior Design Ideas
 Busy or clean, compact or cosy, small spaces doesn’t mean you need to rein in your creativity! There are many styles to choose from, but if you need some help to renovate your space get in touch with our renovation experts on Kaodim today!