Simple tips to mop your floors correctly

Mopping the floors is one of the simplest house chores but also that one house chore that feels like an endless cycle because as soon as we finish mopping, dirt and dust will immediately find their way back into the house. Is mopping your favourite or least favourite house chore? Either way, here we have some simple tips to help you mop the floors more efficiently and correctly.

Vacuum or sweep before mopping

The first step to achieve shining floors is to remove all dirt, debris and hair on the ground by vacuuming or sweeping as mops are often not meant to pick up big pieces of debris. If the large particles are not removed prior to mopping, you will just be spreading the grime all over the room. You should never skip this tip because pushing around large debris might scratch your floors. 

Use a microfiber mop

Instead of the old school string mop or sponge mop, switch to using a microfiber mop. Microfiber mops are designed to clean more effectively than generic mops as they are highly absorbent and do not leave water marks. Microfiber mops can also grip small dusts while not leaving scratches on the floor. 

Always mop twice

When mopping the floors, always make sure to mop twice. The first time with a floor cleaner and clean water for the second time. Mop the floors by diluting a small amount of your floor cleaner with warm water for the first round. Remember, a little goes a long way, too much cleaning solution might leave residue on the floors. Be sure to change the water in your bucket once it turns muddy. For the second round, rinse and clean your mop once again with clear water. Finally, turn on the fan or open the windows to air dry the freshly mopped floors.

After a long day working outside or at home, the last thing one wants to do is to clean up the mess made throughout the day. Nonetheless, it is important to keep our homes constantly clean to live comfortably and avoid getting sick. Instead of spending many hours doing all house cleaning chores alone, book our house cleaning service to get your whole house cleaned in hours by trained cleaners using Mr Muscle cleaning products (T&C apply). Spend the waiting time to relax and do something you love.