Simple & Lovely Raya Decoration Ideas for Your Home

There’s a fine line between overdoing your Raya decor and making them work.

Remember that less is always more, and you don’t have to pile on the decorations for it to look lovely. For starters, here are some ideas you can try at home:

1. Matching table runners and cushion covers

Photo credit: Instant Online

Traditional motifs and middle eastern themes are favoured choices for Hari Raya. Having cushion covers and table runners with the same patterns will create a harmonious environment. Just think of them as highlights to a simple monochromatic colour scheme for the rest of the room. You can add matching curtains for a more schematic look.

2. Place fresh flowers everywhere

Light, new style living room with white coomode, armchair, small table and decorative houseplants

Fresh flowers in the living room will create a natural yet refreshing setting, while making your guests feel more comfortable and welcomed. It’s also a simple decorative element as you only need to place an order for a bouquet or drop by your local florist. Try not to use artificial flowers as the main centrepiece, because fake flowers can make your space look less dignified.

3. Fairy Lights to Create Magic

Photo credit : House of Events

Fairy lights are small running lights that are very versatile and can be hung up either inside or outside your house. Keep them one colour, and gold or white lights are the best to create a luxurious and more classy atmosphere.

4. Bring out the moon and stars

Photo credit : Sweet Home Colour

The moon and stars are common decorative elements in Muslim culture, and you can always hang these in your house to give it that extra sparkle. It’s one of those things that you can’t go wrong with, and common colours you can choose are gold, silver and pale green. It will be even better if they light up, for that extra festive cheer.

5. Go green and natural

Photo credit: Scoop Berita

Green is a popular colour for Hari Raya, and the more natural greens you put in your home, the better. Weave some ketupat cases with real leaves and place them around your home, together with some leafy plants so that you weave in the green elements seamlessly into your home, rather than forcing it into the setting.

6. Add religious or ethnic-themed wall decorations

Photo credit : New Earth Homes

From batik hangings to Islamic calligraphy, you can fill an empty space with art that reflects your heritage. It can be framed, or just adhered to the wall directly. Be sure to choose a method of putting up these hangings that won’t damage your wall and can be easily removed after Aidilfitri is over.

Your homes can really shine this Raya with just a few simple touches that don’t have to cost much. You can always add a more professional touch to your preparations by getting in touch with interior designers on Kaodim.

written by Michelle Chee