7 Simple and Gorgeous Looks You Need To Try This Deepavali

floral saree
Photo caption: Frugal 2 Fab

Deepavali is always a dazzling affair: homes are always decorated with bright colours, the best snacks are served, and the yummiest meals are prepared. The triumph of light over darkness is celebrated fittingly in every town in Malaysia.

For the girls, it’s also time to bring out the best sarees and accessories out. If you’re still not sure on the patterns and accessories to go for, we’ve compiled some of the latest trends just for you here:

1. Floral patterns

floral saree
Photo credit: Pinterest

Floral is one of the hottest looks of the year. Whether it’s embellished or printed, on chiffon or jacquard material, floral sarees will always look refreshing. It can even make you look elegant in the right colour tone and hues.

2. Ombre tones

ombre saree
Photo credit: Indianroots

It’s always fun to play with ombre tones – they make the saree more versatile and easier to accessorise. We also especially love the fact that you get to rock more than one colour in a simple, yet classy look.

3. Circle bags

circle bags
Photo credit: Ferbena

2017 is the year of the circle bags, because angles are just too overrated. Get yourself one of these in your favourite colour and design, and you’re ready to celebrate Deepavali like a fashionista.

4. Bags with metal handles

metal handle bag
Photo credit: AliExpress

Little round bags are not your thing? Try something more conventional like these, but with a metallic twist. Metal handles are also in vogue this year, and they seem more sturdy too!

5. Chandelier earrings

chandelier earrings
Photo credit: Luvis Bridal

As you can tell from its name, these are big, shiny earrings. Chandelier earrings are perhaps the most luxurious-looking piece in your outfit, but they’re not expensive to own. You don’t necessarily have to go for one made from precious stones – pretty rhinestones are perfectly fine too!

6. Ear cuffs

ear cuffs
Photo credit: AliExpress

If you’re feeling more adventurous, go for one of these fabulous looking ear cuffs. Not all of them require you to have more than 1 piercing on each ear – some come with a simple clasp or hook that you can link around your ear easily.

7. Layer your necklaces

layered necklaces
Photo credit: Happiness Boutique

If you have a few fine or thin necklaces, layer two or three of them together to create this look. It doesn’t matter if they have different pendants – the idea is to mix and match whatever you have to create a new look.

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written by Esther Chung