Simple changes you can do to make my home feel new!

Being home for a month must have gotten you to plan out all sorts of things after the MCO. Places to go food hunting, checked. Outfit for a day out with friends, checked. Still, missing something? Here’s an idea, why not revamp your home once the MCO is lifted and give it a new look it deserves. 

1. Painting

Your walls can be bold and striking by getting a fiery red or maybe sunshine yellow to lift the mood up. Wanna bring nature into your home? Try out a sky blue or mossy green coloured wall which is both aesthetically pleasing and soothes the eyes as well. Whatever your choice is, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone! Get a professional’s recommendation to make it worth the penny. 

2. Cabinetry

We know most of us have been doing our online shopping during the MCO and stocking up on those exclusive tablewares at irresistible prices, we totally understand! Why not get a new cabinet to store those precious gems? Our trusted experts are willing to assist you until you’re fully satisfied with the outcome.

3. Featured wall painting 

During this MCO, everyone has gotten creative by making cooking videos, house cleaning hacks, easy DIYs to do at home and many more. Get yourself a featured wall after the MCO so you can have a signature background for your video. 

4. House cleaning

A clean and neat house will definitely give you a different vibe to it. Imagine yourself being in a house that is organized and you can easily find the things you need without having to look frantically for it when you need it the most. And you’ll also have a lower chance of having germs or bacteria breeding in your home.

5. Sofa cleaning

It’s time to give that sofa the TLC it deserves. Just like everything else in the house, the sofa is not far from germs and bacteria. Especially now during this MCO, everyone is spending most of their time watching TV and simply just snacking while they’re at it. The amount of hidden crumbs in your sofa is not the only concern here, but also the germs that’s residing in it! Get it cleaned once the MCO is over so you won’t have to sit with those germs again.

This MCO has taught us to not only love ourselves more by staying in but also to love our home even more. Get our cleaning and home improvement services so you can maintain your home to be cosy and comfortable. Book now and get up to 30% OFF these amazing services after the MCO to keep you motivated in giving your home a facelift once the MCO is over.