Signs you a heatstroke

Spending too much time in the sun can put you at risk of getting a heatstroke. Your body fails to regulate its own temperature which can lead to brain and internal organs damage. Some signs that you might be experiencing a heatstroke are as follows.

High body temperature

Naturally, our body temperature will increase the longer we are out in the sun. However, if your body temperature rises to a worrying temperature (around 40 celsius or more), you should seek immediate treatment. 

Changes to your mental state

Confusion, agitation, slurred speech and irritability are all common signs you might be suffering from a heat stroke. If ignored, heatstroke can develop and it has been documented that people have suffered from seizures and fallen into a coma. 

Flushed Skin 

An obvious visual sign of heatstroke is you will start noticing your skin turning red as you body temperature increases. 

Rapid breathing and racing heart rate

Another common sign of a heatstroke is when your breathing becomes faster and shallow. Also as your heart tries to help cool your body, the stress may cause your heart to work harder. 

If you or anyone else are experiencing any symptoms of heat stroke, it is essential to seek treatment immediately. Get out of the sun and rest in a cooled room. Protect yourself from heatstroke by ensuring your aircond is in perfect condition. Contact one of our aircond specialists for all your aircond needs.