20 Shelves That You’ll Love To Have At Home

Shelves are must-haves in every home – we need them to store things and make the space look organised. However, many of us forget that these functional items can also help to decorate your home.

To give you a better idea of how we can do that, here are some beautiful shelves we’ve found that may inspire you:

1. Old board games

board games shelves
Photo credit: Thrift Core

Don’t throw your old, unused board games away just yet. Repurpose them into these simple DIY shelves to give your space a vintage look.

2. Classical

church shelves
Photo credit: Anthropologie

This elegant piece reminds us of an ancient church’s archway.

3. Stack ’em

stacked shelves
Photo credit: Not a Paper House

We couldn’t take our eyes off these. The shelves are actually made from a few cut desks, stacked together to create something like a cupboard.

4. Arrows

arrow shelves
Photo credit: The Land of Nod

Colourful geometric-shaped shelves always make us happy.

5. Minimalism

minimalistic diamond shelf
Photo credit: Jane

Here’s one for all the minimalism fans out there.

6. Triangles

triangle shelves
Photo credit: Cheap Home Decor Ideas

We can’t get over this pretty shelf!

7. Cascade

cascade shelves
Photo credit: eBay

This shelf made from driftwood looks like a cascading waterfall!

8. Defying gravity

slanted shelf
Photo credit: BookBub Blog

How cool is this?!

9. Old crates

crate shelves
Photo credit: BookBub Blog

No wine to store? Store books!

10. Shutters

shutters shelves
Photo credit: The Owner-Builder Network

Recycling at its best.

11. Build a tree

tree shelf
Photo credit: For Reading Addicts

Bookworms are going to love this.

12. Or grow one

tree shelf
Photo credit: Ideas For Great Gardens

This will be the highlight of your apartment.

13. Avant garde

avant garde shelf
Photo credit: Cuded

This will instantly make your home look expensive.

14. Half globe

globe shelf
Photo credit: Eu, Ele E Es Crianças

We absolutely love this. So creative!

15. Ladder

ladder shelf
Photo credit: Chic Now

If you can’t climb them anymore, let your shoes and books do that.

16. Diamonds

diamond shelves
Photo credit: Sortra

They are everyone’s best friends.

17. Rocket

rocket shelf
Photo credit: eBay

Your kids will love this.

18. Groovy shelves

groovy shelves
Photo credit: Cuded

What a great way to add texture and art into your home!

19. Circles

circle shelf
Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

So what if it looks like you joined two hula hoops together? It’s the creativity that counts!

20. Suitcases

suitcase shelves
Photo credit: The Budget Decorator

We love the vintage vibes here.

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written by Esther Chung