Services you may need post MCO!

Since everyone is required to stay at home during this global pandemic outbreak, you can plan to get some services for your home. Here are some services you can plan: 

Home Disinfection 

During this pandemic outbreak period, the best way to further minimize exposure to the Coronavirus is to disinfect your home. According to WHO, the viruses can live on the hard surfaces for several hours such as doorknobs, refrigerator doors, remote controls and other surfaces. A quick hack to disinfect these items is applying alcohol on a cloth and rubbing their surfaces in order to kill the harmful bacterias. In addition to this, be sure to book our disinfection services today so our cleaning experts can help you kill 99.9% of germs and viruses during in your home, office, retail and more.  

Aircond Cleaning 

Your aircond plays an important role in helping keep the air circulating inside your home clean and healthy as well. A dirty unit provides a breeding ground for harmful bacterias, dirt, dust and germs to thrive! When you turn on your aircond unit, these harmful microorganisms get blown into your room and contaminate the air, and can cause your family to have a variety of respiratory problems. Therefore, clean your aircond regularly and don’t let it damage your immune system. You can book our Kaodim aircond cleaning services now and our experts will assist you after the MCO.


Usually, an unusual noise coming from your home’s plumbing is your first indication that something’s wrong. The noises could be happening for several reasons. For example, if you hear a gurgling noise from your drain after you turn off the water, it could be because your pipes aren’t working correctly. If you are facing this problem, it’s better to call a professional to identify the issue and fix it immediately to avoid more damage!

Car Sanitizing 

If you don’t clean and sanitize your car frequently, your car can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. Researchers found an astounding 100 bacteria per square centimetre on car seats; it’s even dirtier than your toilets! You will spend a lot of time in the car once the MCO is lifted, so book our Kaodim experts to provide you with our quality car cleaning services to rid your car of germs. 

So don’t procrastinate! Plan ahead and get your home healthy and comfortable after the MCO. If you need more urgent help you can opt for our home essentials services which include electrical wiring repair and other handyman services during this period. Remember we have your back no matter the day!