Secure Your Home With These 6 Simple Strategies

Ever worried about your home? Wondered if you took the right precautions to ensure the utmost security? Well here are 6 tips to give you a safe and sound mind no matter the distance.

Improve your home security
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Keeping alert with your home security is the responsible thing to do. With stories of midnight break-ins, opportunistic shoe thieves, and terrifying home invasions in Malaysia, relying on the community-funded gate guards is just not enough. Fortunately, there are simple strategies you can take to improve your home security and keep your family safe:

1. Secure Your Doors

Secure Your Door
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Most Malaysian homes come with an outer grille gate and the inner conventional, wooden house door. These entrances come with their own locks which are often insufficient to keep out burglars. In fact, the main door is the main point of entrance used by home invaders!

Consider installing additional security locks on top of your grille gate’s padlock and main door knob and latch locks. Options can include deadbolt locks, lever locks, or even smart combination locks. Besides locks, secure the hinges. Replace the developer-provided hinge screws – or even the whole hinge mechanism –  with stronger ones.

For more sophisticated security to give you peace of mind, you can look into replacing your entire front door with an armoured or security door system. These systems come with reinforced metal front doors that are shock and break resistant, equipped with strong, sturdy hinges and a dedicated secure locking mechanism.

Make sure you have professionals to help you manage these changes, as sloppy installation is as inviting to burglars as no added security at all.

2. Protect Your Windows

Protect your windows
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Windows are another point of weakness in your home. The glass is see-through and breakable, the locks are simple, and the hinges are easily pried open. There are therefore a few features to focus on when securing your windows.

Reinforce the glass through window tinting. Window tinting options include security films that strengthen and render the glass break-resistant and shatterproof, as well as privacy tints that prevent outsiders from looking inside. Window tints also commonly come with added heat and UV filtering that’ll make your home more comfortable and health-protective! You could also consider replacing the glass with reinforced, smash-proof glass, although this tends to be more expensive than using tints.

For the weak locks and hinges, consider adding window locks to easily-accessed windows, or install window grilles to deter intruders. Metal grilles provide a strong barrier for your window, and comes in many beautiful and decorative designs beyond the standard vertical ‘prison bars’. Another popular option is ‘invisible’ grilles which are designed to provide a barrier without blocking your view.

These strategies can be deployed on your own, with various DIY kits available on the market. However, the installation must be done properly for them to be effective. Generally, professional help is advised for inexperienced individuals.

3. Install An Alarm System

Home alarm
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Home alarm systems are another common security feature in Malaysia. They are often passcode-based that you have to arm and activate manually. Features range from detecting the opening of closed doors and windows to motion sensors that go off when unexpected movement is detected. Some systems will also send alerts to your phone when they go off, and some come with panic buttons strategically placed around the home for emergencies.

Alarms help as a deterrent to burglars as they are a hassle to avoid or deactivate, and will alert neighbours and authorities when triggered – home invaders will be discouraged by the extra effort it takes to deactivate the system, or get scared off once alarm starts blaring.

4. Monitor with CCTV

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CCTV systems are often considered an ‘extra’, but as a security measure, it’s not unreasonable. For one, they act as a deterrent to potential burglars as it implies constant surveillance and complicates the break-in attempt. And in the event of a crime, you will have video evidence to track and implicate them.

If you do opt to install a CCTV system, place them strategically to cover all potential weak spots and point of entries, and be aware of camera blind spots you’ll inevitably have. Also, you’ll have to check in and ensure they are functional from time to time. Granted, they can be expensive and harder to maintain, although certain areas with unavoidably high crime rates might warrant such measures.

5. Make Your House Look Busy

Looking busy
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Home burglaries are often crimes of convenience and opportunity. Criminals are less likely to enter a house that looks occupied than one that appears frequently unattended and empty. Simply making your house look busy at all times is an easy way to secure it.

Keep your mailbox neat and emptied, and consider investing in a timed security lighting system that switches on and off various lights in the house, even when you’re not home. Also, switch on your radio at a reasonable volume to create an image of business within the home, even if you are out.

New smart home systems also allow you to control what gets switched off and on through your smartphone.

6. Get To Know Your Neighbours

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A tried and true strategy is to simply get to know your neighbours and community. You’ll get an idea of each family’s routines and can rely on them to notice if anything strange is going on. They’ll also be familiar with your movements and contacts, and will likely be more alert and suspicious of strangers milling about outside your house.

Besides, forming good bonds with your neighbours opens the opportunity to let them help you keep an eye on your home when you are away.

Taking the proper precautions is key to keeping your home and family safe. Simple measures to tighten security will deter would-be burglars, and give you the peace of mind to get about with life. To get started on securing your home, get in touch with one of the many home security experts on Kaodim today.  


written by Louisa Lee