5 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

Your home is a sacred place for you and your family. It offers shelter and protection. Keep harm away from your family and your valuables protected from burglars and intruders by taking these 6 tips into consideration.

1. Fortify doors with strong locks

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Install deadbolts or knob-in-lock set with a dead latch on all exterior doors. Don’t skimp on this. Make sure the doors are also solid wood or metal with heavy-duty strike plates. Windows should also have locks that open from within.

2. Light up your surroundings

Keep your house and compound well lit both outdoor and indoor, especially when you’re away.

Outside, install motion-triggered spot lights. Give intruders a scare when they step closer and find themselves literally, in the spotlight. In general, it’s good to have regular lights at your entrance, where your cars are parked, as well as for your garden. Try to prevent any dark corners that can give robbers an opportunity to slip in.

Inside, install a timer for lights in strategic locations — ones that can be seen from outside your house such as your front hall, living room or kitchen. Have the timer go on and off at different times in different rooms as if simulating your own patterns.

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3. Don’t broadcast your absence

As trendy as it is to Facebook, Tweet and Instagram your latest vacation photos, it sends a big signal to a potential criminal that your house is open for the taking. Instead, save the photos for later and ask help from your neighbour to collect your mail; an obvious way to determine if people are home is to look at their post box. Cancel your newspaper subscriptions while you’re away and if you neighbour is helpful, you could get him/her to ensure there aren’t copies of newspapers lying around your garden.

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4. Avoid the obvious hiding places

It’s amazing how many people still hide their locks in places that are easy to spot — under door mats, flower pots, post boxes, etc. It is not safe. In fact, don’t even bother hiding them around your property. The safest is to leave a spare key with a trustworthy neighbour or family and friends who live nearby.

In the house, consider getting a safe for valuable items. Think outside the box as well if you’re hiding your jewelry, money and others inside the house. A good way to test out your hiding spots is to get your family members to find out your hiding places. If they can, the burglars can too.


5. Invest in a home protection system

Hiring a professional home security company to evaluate and install a suitable home security system will be well worth your money. Alarm systems are not a guarantee but it increases the risk of detection for burglars. After all, a well lit area with a good alarm system already wins half the battle.

There are a variety of options that you can choose from that best suit your needs to better protect your home and family. The alarm should be triggered by all exterior doors and windows. Be sure to include clear signs that show your house is protected by a professional alarm system.

Components of a home security system


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