5 Scary Things That are Hiding in Your Car Seats Now

Research has found that car seats are dirtier than the average toilet. In fact, it’s said that germ samples from a car seat look just like those from a toilet under a microscope! Yikes. Unfortunately, this is because we’re not cleaning the seats often enough.

Before deciding on the best way to clean our car’s interior, let’s take a look at what actually lurks beneath our seats:

1. E. coli bug

e. coli bug
Photo credit: Building a Better World News

Remember the piece of tissue that you used to wipe away some mucus while driving, but forgot to clear from your car? Chances are, you’ve left some E. coli bugs along with the soiled tissue in your car seats. E. coli can cause diarrhoea, and even kidney failure in severe cases.

2. Bacillus cereus bug

bacillus cereus
Photo credit: H. Seiler

Some of us have a bad habit of resting our legs against the back of a car seat, which will leave soil stains on the upholstery. Soil contains bacillus cereus, a bug that can cause food poisoning. Pets can also bring this bug into your cars if they’ve been outdoors before jumping onto the seats.

3. Salmonella

spilled coffee on car seats
Photo credit: Hire Rush

If you have a habit of eating and drinking in your car, there’s bound to be some crumbs or spilled drink lying around. When these leftovers are left to rot in the car, bacteria like salmonella will be present. Children and the elderly, who have relatively weaker immune systems, are particularly at risk when exposed to it. It usually causes diarrhoea, but could lead to severe arthritis as well.

4. Fungi and mould

Photo credit: Mold Blogger

Fungi and mould can grow around your car seats if you’ve left food, drink stains, mucus, and soil lying around for too long. While these may not pose any harm to most people, those allergic to them may experience asthma and rashes.

Car seats should be cleaned regularly so you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting sick. Book a car upholstery cleaning session with Kaodim Direct now at a fixed price. Choose your car type here, schedule an appointment, and wave the pesky bacteria goodbye!

written by Esther Chung