7 Scary Hungry Ghost Month Superstitions You Should Know

You could tell from the many horror movie premieres that it’s the Hungry Ghost Month again. Your parents have probably told you not to stay out too late because it’s dangerous, and you never know if some ‘things’ may be lurking around.

But coming back home early isn’t all. Here are some other lesser known superstitions:

1. Don’t celebrate your birthday at night

night birthday celebration
Photo credit: night_dreamer

If your birthday happens to fall, unfortunately, in the year’s Hungry Ghost Month – then you might want to consider a daytime celebration. Any nighttime festivities during this period is said to attract the attention of wandering spirits, and you really don’t want them as guests for your party.

2. Try not to swim so much

scary swimming pool
Photo credit: Swimming in LA

Apparently drowned spirits come out to prey during this month. If you believe in that sort of thing, just avoid swimming.

3. Leave things you found on the streets alone

rings on the floor
Photo credit: Shutterstock

In this case, finders weepers. These may be part of the offerings laid by people for the hungry ghosts. The dead are bound to take offence if they saw you take what’s theirs.

4. Lose the black manicure

black manicure
Photo credit: Pinterest

Unless you’re looking to connect with the spirit world, don’t paint your nails black this month. It’s believed that the spirits may mistake you as one of them with this fashion choice.

5. Go easy on the bugs

bug spray
Photo credit: Wisegeek

Now this is more tragic than scary. In Chinese tradition, family members are believed to return to visit their living relatives in the form of insects. So give the creepy crawlies a chance this time, alright?

6. Sorry, no heels allowed

red heels
Photo credit: Madden Colfer

Sorry, ladies. It seems that ghosts may assume you’re one of them if they see that your feet are barely touching the ground, just like them. It’s also said that red and black are the colours that attract them the most, not to mention the go-to shoes for every vengeful spirit in Chinese horror movies.

7. Don’t lean on walls

lean on wall
Photo credit: Yesterday Lucas

If you have to choose between looking good on Instagram or being shoulder-to-shoulder with a ghost… we guess the choice is clear. Walls are said to attract ghosts to ‘hang around’ them because of the cool surfaces. Not sure if it applies to the Malaysian outdoors, but if you’re a believer in the supernatural, best to just avoid this.

Aside from that, if you hear weird noises at home this month, don’t be spooked yet! It could just be something wrong with the pipes or air conditioner, or maybe birds are setting up nests in your roof. Let our friendly contractors know if you’re facing such problems at home here.

We may not have ghostbusters on Kaodim, but we’re confident these guys can help solve your problems at home!

written by Esther Chung