8 Romantic Things You Can Do To Get Her To Say “I Do!”

barney proposes to robin
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On-screen proposals are predictable: the guy goes down on his knee to propose to the love of his life, usually with a sizeable bouquet of red roses. The girl will shed tears of joy, says yes, and they embrace each other. In one of the most romantic sitcom proposals of all time – How I Met Your Mother, (spoiler alert!) – Barney popped the question to Robin on the rooftop surrounded with Christmas lights, caged candles and rose petals.

That’s probably the most romantic a wedding proposal can be, you’d think. Wrong.

Guys, before you decide to buy that bouquet or alphabet-shaped balloons to spell her name, check out some of these unique ideas:

The ring box dessert

afternoon tea
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Slipping a ring into your girlfriend’s champagne glass presents a choking hazard. Bring her out for a fancy afternoon high tea and have the waiter place your ring box as one of the ‘desserts’. With so many nicely crafted desserts these days, it might take a while for her to notice that it’s not a red velvet cake.

The ninja ring

Putting Ring on Finger
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Sounds stealthy, doesn’t it? Think of the ring you’re using to propose as a ninja, its aim is to get itself fitted on your girl’s ring finger without her knowing at night (because that’s when ninjas start working). Your job is to assist it.

While she’s sleeping, carefully slip the ring onto her finger without waking her up. Surprise her in the morning with her favourite breakfast and pop the question. At this point, she should already have noticed the ring on her finger. If she doesn’t and is looking at you expectantly, you can always point to her ring finger to remind her.

The ‘first’ treasure hunt

romantic proposal treasure hunt clues
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She probably remembers all your firsts: where you guys first met, your first date, first kiss, etc. Put her memory to the test with a treasure hunt where the clues are hidden in all the places you’ve had your ‘firsts’. It should end with her finding you at the final destination waiting with a ring and the most important question: “Will you marry me?”

The book code

Photo credit: Oxford Dictionaries

If your girlfriend loves books, compile a list of her favourite books and create something like a book scavenger hunt. Get her to look through these books to solve the secret message you want her to find. Your clue should include the title of the book, the chapter or page number, the number of the line and word that forms part of your secret message. This proposal will definitely be etched into the pages of her memory, that’s for sure.

The puzzle proposal

love-shaped puzzle piece
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If your lady likes puzzles, you can create a picture or painting with your proposal written and ‘yes’ written on it, and have it made into a jigsaw puzzle. Remove the piece that has ‘yes’ on it and hide it with a ring. Pass the puzzle to her and ask her to start piecing it together with you. Once the rest of the puzzle is completed, present the ‘missing’ piece of the puzzle to her along with the ring.

Note: Don’t make the puzzle too difficult. Remember, you want her to be able to complete the puzzle fast.

The special menu

coffee and tea
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This is super simple. Work together with your girlfriend’s friends to get them to invite her out for a drink. Get a waiter to tell your girlfriend that there’s a special menu for the day, with includes the common pickup phrase: “Coffee, tea, or me?” Make sure you’re the one who says “me”, and get ready to appear with your ring as soon as you say that.

The ‘failed’ surprise

ring chart
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The key to this proposal method is to make it as obvious as possible that you’re getting her a ring. Ask her about her ring size in a not-so-subtle way. Ask to borrow one of her rings so you can bring it to the jewellery store to compare sizes. You can even bring a ring chart and compare her finger against it.

Here’s where the magic happens: she’ll most probably already realise that you’re getting ready to propose to her, and might tease or complain that you’re bad at planning surprises. At this point, you can go “Oh really?” and present her with the ring you’ve already bought. She won’t see that coming.

The couple photoshoot

romantic proposal
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Tell your girlfriend that you won a romantic photoshoot package and that the both of you should take this chance to snap Instagram-worthy couple photos. Propose to her in between the shots when the photographer is busy snapping away so you get to capture that important moment.

Remember to brief the photographer about your plan. With his or her professional help, you’ll have gorgeous photos of your proposal to last a lifetime!

These proposal methods are not cliched like the movies, if that’s what you’re worried about. Now it’s time to plan for the wedding! Kaodim has many professional wedding planners, photographers, florists, and make-up artist to help you plan your big day. Click here to select the service you require, complete the form, and wait for the free quotations!

Meanwhile, good luck with your proposal!

written by Esther Chung