Robot Vacuum vs Kakak

Are robotic vacuums a substitute for a part time cleaner?

There are a whole bunch of robotic vacuum cleaners in the market right now.  They look something like this:



Some scan the room with lasers before moving around on a systematic pattern while some just go around in random circles like a drunk machine.

You should be able to get a decent robotic vacuum cleaner for around RM3000

Robot vs Kakak


The question is, is it worth buying? Or are you better off hiring a part time cleaner to sort out your house cleaning needs?

Let’s do some simple mathematics.  Assuming the RM3000 machine has a lifespan of 3 years, it’ll cost you RM83.33 per month over 36 months to pay for a machine.  Add in another RM10 per month for electricity (the robot needs to be charged, you know) and you’ll arrive at RM93.33 per month.

RM3000 ÷ 36 = RM83.33
Total = RM93.33

Not bad right?

But that’s just RM93.33 for a smaller, less powerful machine compared to using a more powerful upright vacuum cleaner, thrust by the strong arms of a professional cleaner, or “KAKAK”, how a part time maid is commonly referred as (if you happen to get a male cleaner, just call him “bos”).

How much does a part time cleaner cost?

The average rates for a part time cleaner are around RM18 per hour.  Assuming she does 4 hours a week, that’s RM288 per month.

RM18 x 4hours x 4weeks = RM288

Sounds like it’s more expensive but the robot can’t iron your clothes, clean your cabinets , wash your dishes, mop your floor or climb your stairs.

You’re paying an extra RM194 a month for a human being who will operate a more powerful machine and do a whole bunch of other stuff.  I’m sure the droid would love to help out more, but its contribution to house cleaning is severely restricted by its lack of limbs.


Robot vac can’t do this

Robo vacs might be good for maintaining your house between cleaner visits but they’re probably not a good substitute for a solid part time kakak (who you can locate on Kaodim)!.

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