Resort In Penang: An Island Rife With Excitement

Picture Penang and you’ll think of artsy hipster streets and quirky motels among the stalls peddling traditional cendol, fried oysters and various other delicious street food. But Penang offers so much more than a fast-paced, low-budget backpackers paradise.

1. Fun Food

Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang

Roadside stalls and food trucks have their appeal, but nothing beats the luxury of a hotel spread. Penang’s Lexis Suite, for example, offers international flavours and local favourites in buffet-style breakfast, dinners and hi-teas in many of its restaurants – from the cosy Roselle Coffee House to the beautiful Sky Lite Bar that provides a breathtaking view of Penang’s sea.

The resort also offers venues for bigger parties and banquet-style gatherings. Much more accessible than a stall in the foodie street!

2. Endless Excitement

Penang has great laksa, but not everything is about food. The island is home to natural wonders and beautiful beaches. Batu Ferringhi beach is one of the more popular locations on the island and often hosts various beach and seaside activities for all ages.

Penang beach
Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang


For a taste of culture and nature, you can make a trip to the Batu Maung Fishing Village, just 9 kilometres away from the Lexis Suites. The Fishing Village itself is made up of various smaller communities –  Kampung Seronok, Kampung Binjai, Permatang Damar Laut, Kampung Batu Maung, Kampung Teluk Tempoyak and Kampung Jalan Baru. While development has brought opportunity and advancement to the villages, they still retain a traditional and old-world charm that is unique to Penang.


Fishing Village, Penang
Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang

Other cultural and historic tourist hotspots include the iconic Gurney Drive, the historic George Town with its 200-year-old colonial architecture and Queen Street that houses various museums as well as Penang’s own Little India.

Little India, Penang
Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang

Penang’s colonial past and cultural history make up its quirky character, and you can also visit various sites like the Kuan Yin Temple, Snake Temple and Peranakan Mansion to experience the uniqueness of this little Kedahan district.

All these places are accessible with public transport or private arrangements that you can make personally or with the help of the resort.

3. All-In-One-Resort

If you’re feeling a little tired after exploring the island, relaxing in the comforts of your resort can still bring you endless excitement. If Batu Ferringhi feels a little too crowded for you, Lexis Suites beachfront offers a smaller, more intimate place for your seaside activities, from kite-flying to an intense match of beach volleyball suitable for your corporate team-building needs. Or you could just chill by the sea if you like.

fun things to do in penang
Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang

Want to get out of the sun? Enjoy some family or team time with the suites’ Starz Karaoke Room that can accommodate up to 14 people a room.

Karaoke in Penang
Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang


Or if you just want to skip straight to relaxing, enjoy the tranquillity of the Lex spa that offers an indulgent range of massages and treatments for you to relax and recharge.

For your next trip to the island, why not book your stay in this Penang resort and find both excitement and relaxation all in one within the comforts of a beachfront property?

4. Luxury Rooms

Comfortable hotel room, Penang
Photo credit: Lexis Suite Rooms

The fun, games and excitement don’t just take place outdoors – each guestroom in Lexis Suites Penang features a private steam room and dip pool! For even more luxury and decadence, try out the Executive Pool Suite which boasts two king beds, private plunge pool, steam room and a great view of the Penang sea.

Penang hotel room
Photo credit: Lexis Suites Penang


Lexis Suites Penang provides you with the comforts of a luxury home in an exciting tourist destination.

But understandably travel isn’t for everyone, and while you’re inspired by the island’s beauty and the resort’s grand architecture, you’d much rather have a chill adventure in your house. So why not build your own private beachfront, pool or quirky fixture in the comforts of your home with the help of professional home renovators available on Kaodim?

written by Louisa Lee