Renovation tips to boost resale value

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Sometimes, remodeling your home before putting it on the market can make a huge difference between “for sale” and “sold”. Before investing in an entire overhaul, make sure you do some research on what upgrades will likely give you a better ROI. Whether or not you are getting ready to sell your house or if you have plans to do so in the future, here are some ways to invest in your home to help at the very least hold and increase its value.

  1. Basic upgrades

The easiest way to taking care of your home is to never put off regular care and maintenance. Having all appliances and systems in their proper working order adds value to your home. Basic upgrades include fixing that leaking roof, replace rotten wooden boards, keeping the paint fresh, caulking cracks, replacing old electrical wiring, etc. Potential home buyers will be looking for homes that have signs of routine maintenance and these fixes go a long way towards adding value.


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  1. The kitchen is the heart of the home

The kitchen should be your number 1 renovation priority because it is one of the most frequently used space in your house. To entice potential home buyers, ensure that your kitchen looks up-to-date. You can replace the faucet set, give a new fresh look to the cabinets, or simply change the old lighting fixtures with new energy-efficient light bulbs. Many homeowners often look for ways to save money when looking for a new home. Letting them know that the appliances are energy-efficient models will increase their interest in your house.

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  1. Bath upgrades

After your kitchen, bathrooms are the next important room to upgrade. Rest assured that you don’t have to invest huge amounts of cash to give your bathroom an upgraded look! Simply replace the toilet seat, sink, shower head  and that will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Don’t forget to apply fresh caulk, clean the grout, and replace the door knobs. You can save more money if you have the time and skills to do some of these yourself! Chanel your inner DIY!


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  1. Look under your feet

Do not underestimate the power of flooring. Real estate professionals recommend replacing the flooring, but to keep it neutral. The flooring or carpet material affects home buyers’ decisions heavily. Hire professional carpet cleaners if your rugs or carpets are still in a good condition, especially If they are in neutral colors. Do not hesitate to replace a broken tile or throw out the old wall-to-wall carpet as well.


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  1. Do not go overboard

Remember to renovate smartly and wisely. Do not get into the excitement of renovation and end up spending more than you should. It is always wise to have a set budget and adhere to it. If you are unsure,  you can always consult with a real estate professional about what you should renovate to increase your house’s value in the market.