9 Renovation Ideas You’ll Love For Your Little Bathroom

#BathroomEnvy is a real thing. Don’t you just wish you could have a bathroom just like the one in the fancy hotel you recently stayed in? Or like those you saw on Instagram?

But all you have is a tiny bathroom, and you don’t think you have space to ‘beautify’ it.

That’s where you’re wrong – you can totally transform it into the bathroom of your dreams. Here are some ways to achieve your #BathroomGoals:

1. Get built-in furniture

built-in bathroom
Photo credit: Maison Valentina

Besides not having to fuss about assembling multiple furniture, the beauty of built-in furniture is that it’s designed to work with the available space. Since it’s custom made, feel free to add some personal design touches to it!

2. Big baskets

bathroom baskets
Photo credit: House Design Ideas

Lacking space to store stuff? Use these big woven baskets instead! They’re super affordable, durable, and oh-so versatile! Plus, they put a hint of Scandinavian living into your Malaysian bathroom.

3. Stay neutral

neutral colour bathroom
Photo credit: Zillow

You’ll want to use neutral colours like beige and different shades of white for your little bathroom. These colours will make the space look a little more spacious, and it gives it a clean look too!

4. Add a little bright-coloured piece

small bathroom bright colour
Photo credit: Stylecaster

It could be in the form of a bathroom mat, towels, or even a feature wall. A bit of fun colour is always the best way to add some personality to the look and feel of the space.

5. Round instead of square basins

round bathroom basin
Photo credit: John Riha

A round basin gives you more space on a square or rectangle bathroom counter to play around with. It’s a good place to park all your bath necessities if you have no space for a cupboard. Round basins are also quite trendy these days. Contact our contractors for quotes!

6. Use glass

bathroom glass door
Photo credit: House Beautiful

Instead of using curtains or building a barrier between the shower area and toilet, just install a glass panel! It makes the room more spacious and really elegant as well.

7. And big mirrors too

big bathroom mirror
Photo credit: Porch

Mirrors work just as well as glass in making a small space look much bigger. Big mirrors can also make your bathroom look more pristine and classy.

8. Consider building a shampoo niche

bathroom shampoo niche
Photo credit: Tori Aston

Doesn’t this just remind you of those fancy hotels and spas that you’ve been to? Having a shampoo niche is a great way to store and save space at the same time. Plus, it makes your bathroom look like a hotel’s one.

9. Use the same floor tiles for the whole bathroom

bathroom tiles
Photo credit: Living After Midnite

It’s always best to keep the floor tiles the same throughout your whole bathroom. Budget aside, it also helps make your small bathroom look a little wider.

Inspired to start on your #BathroomGoals project? Let our reliable contractors on Kaodim help too! Fill in this form, let us know the kind of design you want, and we’ll send you some quotations for free!

written by Esther Chung