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Renovation Equal Design Services (REDS) has been in the home renovation space in Malaysia for 8 years.  They started with soft furnishing, mainly carrying plastering works, interior design, building partitioning walls and some cabinetry work.

Over the last 5 years, they have grown to be Class A contractors in the commercial space and reputable contractors for residential renovation projects.  They are particularly proud of their work as main contractors for residential home extensions.

Their designers deliver solutions that are stylish, functional and practical.  They’re proud of their strong relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers.  They always use quality materials, insist upon detailed workmanship and deliver within their budget and timelines.

REDS’ contractors are experienced and capable in extensions, roofing, plaster ceilings, wall partitions, painting, flooring, tiling, cabinetry and others.  All of REDS’ projects are guaranteed and they have had referrals from satisfied clients.

Ms Daphane Thong is the person to contact at REDS for all your renovation queries and needs.  She provides a professional assessment of what you require in a detailed and professional manner with an accurate breakdown of her costs and fees.

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