Renovation Cost in Malaysia in 2022: What to Expect?

At some point in our lives, we all consider renovating our homes and making them more beautiful. Whether you prefer a simple and minimalistic design or something more modern and elegant, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “How much does it cost to renovate a home in Malaysia?”

The cost of house renovation in Malaysia has risen significantly over the last decade. If someone isn’t careful, the renovation costs they overlooked because they didn’t plan well can quickly drive their budget over the edge.

Is it hard for you to figure out how much money you should set aside for your house renovation in Malaysia? You don’t have to worry. We’ve put together a list of estimated costs for different renovation projects in Malaysia, so you can start planning your budget with confidence. 

What should you know before renovating a home?

Before we talk about the cost of home renovation in Malaysia, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A large part of the renovation cost depends on the amount of work you plan to put into the project. Many considerations, including the age and size of your property, location, material, and labor choices, will determine how much your renovation will cost you in the end.

House Renovation Floor Plan

  • You may start by sketching out a floor plan that includes the dimensions of your home and the specifics of each room. Consider what furnishings, appliances, or other amenities you would like in each room.
  • Consider the feasibility of a floor plan before giving it the green light. Stick to your budget and make sure you don’t go over it. Can you afford a high-end home theater system or marble countertops in your kitchen? Another consideration is whether or not the furniture you desire will fit in the space.

If you don’t want to deal with the planning yourself, hiring an interior designer to handle your home renovation project can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

With these considerations in mind, let us continue to a rough estimate of house renovation costs in Malaysia, including kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and electrical work.

Kitchen Renovation Cost Kaodim MY

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How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house, and it usually accounts for a large portion of your overall budget. When you choose appliances and cabinets, you also need to think about how the walls and the countertop will look. With so many different textures to choose from, you should always pick the most practical one for your family to use. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the kitchen of your dreams. For instance, natural stone countertops, such as granite and marble, can be costly, but laminate can be a less expensive alternative.

Tiled backsplash

A tiled backsplash is an excellent way to add color, pattern, and texture to your kitchen while also increasing its aesthetic appeal. It’s easy to find a tile that perfectly suits your design style and color scheme as there are so many options to choose from. For instance, white tiles have become a favorite choice for many people as they create a clean, versatile look. If you’re not a fan of bright colors, there are plenty of neutral-toned tiles (such as gray, tan, and even black) that may give your kitchen an elegant appearance. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, tiles also protect your walls from moisture and are significantly easier to clean compared to wallpaper. 

  • The average price per square foot of tile installation in Malaysia ranges from RM2.50 to RM7.50

Kitchen Cabinets

Before deciding on cabinet and storage options, make a list of everything you want to store in your kitchen. When picking a color for your cabinets, remember that they take up a sizable portion of the area, so choose thoughtfully and make sure it complements your countertops and backsplash. 

If you’re on a tight budget, basic melamine cabinets are the way to go.

  • A basic melamine cabinet costs RM3,200, while a more expensive one with quartz or granite might cost up to RM10,000.

Additionally, to ensure a quality cabinet installation, you’ll need to engage professionals with relevant experience. When you hire a skilled cabinet installer from Kaodim, you will enjoy a 90-day workmanship warranty for the work they do for you.

Kitchen countertop

Granite and marble are the most common choices for countertops, and each has its pros and cons. Although marble, without a doubt, exudes a sense of sophistication and luxury, the material does not come cheaply. Marble countertops are also prone to scratches, making them more difficult to maintain. Granite countertop, on the other hand, is a great choice if you want something more durable and affordable.

  • Depending on the quality of the granite, prices might range from RM150 to RM850 per square foot.

Bedroom Renovation Cost Kaodim

How much does bedroom renovation cost?

Renovating the look and comfort of your bedroom is very important as it is the main place where you should be able to relax after a long day.

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Wallpaper installation

Wallpapers are great for adding visual appeal and extending the life of your walls. The average price per roll is between RM50 and RM250. However, you can contact our service providers on Kaodim for individual quotes on wallpaper installation for your home.

Curtain making

Covering your windows with the right curtains is one of the best ways to make your bedroom more warm and cozy. There are many different curtain materials to pick from, but they must not detract from the overall balance and style of the room. Our experts can make unique and custom curtains for you and professionally install them. Curtain making costs between RM9 and RM12 per square foot, depending on the material.

Flooring Installation

Flooring is an important element of every home as it sets the tone and provides you with comfort. Flooring installation costs range from RM3 to RM14.5 per square foot, depending on the material.

Living Room Renovation Cost Kaodim Malaysia

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How much does living room renovation cost?

Lighting installation

Consider adding new lighting as part of your renovation, as it can help complement the look of your living room and create more contrast. Lighting fixtures come in a wide range of pricing, but you should always choose one that is most practical for you. We recommend hiring a professional electrician for lighting installation to ensure that the job is done properly. It might cost anything between RM30 and RM140 per unit, depending on the complexity of the installation.

Aircon Installation

Professional air conditioning services start at RM130, while air conditioning installation costs range between RM190 and RM600, depending on the size and horsepower of the AC unit. 

Wall painting

Painting is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s interior aesthetic. There are many different types of paint and finishes to pick from, but we recommend choosing a wall color that complements the overall style of your room. Paint, for example, can be used to make a bold statement with splashes of saturated colors or as a relaxing backdrop to a more toned and neutral atmosphere.

Professional painters would have the proper tools and expertise to help you achieve the style you want. On average, wall painting costs start at RM700 and go up to RM4900, depending on the size of the area to be painted.

How much does electrical wiring cost?

To be on the safe side, budget between RM 2000 and RM 2,500 for the entire wiring work in an average-sized condo unit. This will also include electrical work in the kitchen and bathrooms. At Kaodim, our customers benefit from reasonable prices for electrical installation, starting as low as RM60.

Bathroom Renovation Cost Kaodim MY

How much does bathroom renovation cost?

Your bathroom is just as important as any other room in your house, and it doesn’t have to be costly to renovate. A functional bathroom may only require the installation of a new sink and tap, as well as any necessary plumbing repairs.

Sink installation

The cost of installing a sink varies depending on the job’s complexity, and it usually falls between RM160 and RM550 on average.

Plumbing repair

If you have a clogged toilet, you now know who to contact! Our professional plumbers have the right tools and skills to provide you with the greatest value for your money. Professional plumbing repair services start at RM80 and may cost up to RM800 depending on the complexity of the plumbing issue.

If you need professional help with your house renovation, we have skilled experts at Kaodim who would be happy to help you. Our expert interior designers can provide you with professional design tips, decorating ideas, consultation, and furniture choices. Request home renovation or interior design services to get one step closer to the home of your dreams!