Why regular house cleaning will save your life?

Cleaning is not easy and fun but a dirty house can increase your stress level and negatively affect your health that you’ll easily get sick and allergies reaction. Here some reasons why regular house cleaning will save your life.

Prevent pests from coming over

Pests can be attracted to homes for various reasons such as moisture in areas of your home, small cracks in the wall and the clutter. For example, clutter inside your house makes your home appear untidy and also makes it attractive to pest infestations. No matter it has food or not, clutter can attract pests of different types. Cockroaches, rats, termites and some insects tend to hide in heaps of clutter such as newspapers, unwashed bedding and unused drains. 

These pests can cause negative effects on your health and also your home as they carry harmful bacterias such as E.Coli and Salmonella, these bacterias could easily lead you to food poisoning, diarrhea, skin allergies and other diseases. Be sure you hire our Kaodim pest control teams regularly to prevent having a pest problem on your hands!

Helps reduce the number of germs 

Coronavirus is spreading easily between people and can stay on the hard surfaces for several hours a day like countertops, remote control, doorknobs, tabletops and more. During this MCO period, your kitchen is used frequently than before. However, your kitchen sink is actually one of the dirtiest places in your home and it contains 100,000 times more germs than your bathroom! In addition to this, if you are constantly eating and dropping food crumbs on your kitchen countertop or imprecise with the pepper grinder you are more at risk of getting your kitchen full of germs. 

Hence, you can reduce the number of germs by cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen often to avoid spreading the viruses and germs that can lower you and your family members’ immune system. 

Can help reduce stress and get you healthier

If done right, the act of housecleaning can bring the added advantages of getting you a little extra exercise, which could be good for relieving stress! When you’re cleaning, you will run up and down the stairs; carry items from room to kitchen, wiping windows and floors, which can help burn calories and release endorphins. A clean home will create a comfy environment and relieve your stress while working at home.

Decluttering and cleaning your home regularly can improve your mental health, and remember a clean home a clear mind.

A clean and healthy home makes the Raya celebration even more blissful. Sit back, relax and let our professional cleaners do the work at only RM80/session. Book with us today and get a reservice if you’re unsatisfied with the service and more amazing benefits!