Reasons why your aircond is not cold

It goes without saying that airconds are meant to be cooling. Nothing beats a cooled room during a hot day or when you are getting into bed. If you are noticing that your room is not getting any cooler even after your aircond has been on for hours, your aircond might not be functioning properly. Here are some of the reasons why your aircond might not be cooling your room.

The size of your aircond is not appropriate for your room size

When purchasing an aircond, you need to consider the aircond’s capacity to cool the given size of your room. For a smaller room, you can opt for a smaller aircond unit. However, for a larger room, you will need a larger unit to cool the room appropriately. Opting for a small unit for a larger room will cause you to overpower the unit and prevent it from functioning effectively. Contrary, using a larger unit for a small room will lead to overcooling and a higher electricity bill. 

Power issues

It may be a very basic reason but could be the reason that your aircond is not cooling. Make sure your unit is plugged in properly into the power outlet. Next, check to see if your power cord is not damaged. If both your power outlet and cord are fine, there could be a problem with your electrical panel. Airconds need a large amount of power and might have tripped a breaker or blown a fuse.

Dirty or clogged air filters

This is one of the most common reasons why your aircond might not be cooling. Dust and dirt might have built up in the filters over time, blocking cool air from passing through the ducts. Some aircond unit are also programmed to shut down when the filters are clogged to prevent it from overheating and damage to the motor. 

Dirty compressors 

The compressor is a major component of an aircond that manages the flow of refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser. Over time, dirt and other particles might have built up in the compressor preventing it from functioning properly. 

If you think you might be a victim to any of these problems? Connect one of our aircond specialist to fix the problem. We guarantee a reservice if unsatisfied with the job done.