Read These 5 Smart Packing Tips For A Headache-Free Move!

It’s so important to have an organised and efficient packing plan to not only help you, but your house movers to quickly load and unload the truck with all your precious items with minimal hiccups! Sure, it’s easier to leave the intricacies of moving with the professionals, but you know your stuff best and you probably need to get your hands in the whole packing process a bit to avoid confusion and misplaced items.

Follow and share these 5 packing tips with your movers to help you pack smarter and have a migraine-free move:

1. Separate Fragile From Heavier Items

Never pack fragile items in the same box as heavier items! Packing them separately will ensure that the fragile items are safe from the heavy items which can damage them when they move around in the box. Better still, use the original box of the fragile item or something similar that could give it a snug fit to reduce any likelihood of the item shattering. This will help your house movers know which box to be placed first and which to place last in the moving truck for a damage free trip!


2. Use Labels & A Colour Coding System

Here’s a super-efficient and quick packing tip – assign different coloured labels for each room in your house, and then have a label to list down the items that are packed into each box.

For example, the kitchen could marked with blue and labeled with ‘plates, cutleries and mugs’. You’ll be able to identify each boxes easily and your packers can unpack faster one you’ve reached your new place.


3. Pack Two Weeks Of Clothing

Don’t forget that once you have packed all your belongings, you still need to have some clothes to wear. Rather than having to dive back into the boxes of clothing that you have just packed, get a separate suitcase and pack two weeks of clothings, toiletries and essentials – remind your entire family to do this as well.


4. Pack An ‘Essentials-Kit’

Your essentials would be items that you’ll need for the few weeks before you move and after you’ve moved. Keep in a separate box items like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, basic cooking supplies, paper, plates and bed sheets – don’t tape it up!

Having these essentials within easy access will ease the flow of settling in once you have reached your new home.


5. Use Trash Bags, For TRASH ONLY

Here’s the thing, trash bags are meant for trash only! They should not be packed with your personal effects.

Having some of your belongings in trash bags will only cause confusion during the move, and you could have some of your important items thrown away either by the movers or yourself! If you still want to use a trash bag, make sure you label it with a clear sign and big letters!


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