Quiz: What Do You Really Want For Valentine’s?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we think we know what you’d like to receive this year. Forget teddy bears and edible fruit baskets – let’s go for something more meaningful.

Ready? Take the quiz below and let us guess your heart’s wildest desires! You’ll be in for a surprise.


Did we guess right?

For those who scored Maldives, you and a loved one could stand a chance to win free return flights to the glorious paradise of picturesque white shores and crystal clear waters. Keen to participate in our #KaodimFlyMeToMaldives giveaway? Tap the button below for more information!


For those who scored delicious cakes, we know it’s hard to resist a sinfully sweet dessert these days! Treat yourself (and your special someone) to a personalised custom cake or some tasty cookies, specially baked with love by our amazing pastry chefs on Kaodim! It’s never too late for a sweet treat.

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For other services, head over to Kaodim to get your home fixed, furniture moved, party planned, photos taken and more. Have a wonderful Valentine’s!

written by Carissa Gan