7 Absolutely Quirky Wedding Reception Ideas You Need To Try

Photo credit: foodgarage.com
Photo credit: foodgarage.com

A wedding reception doesn’t need to be serious or ultra traditional. It’s the time when you and your spouse get to mingle with your family and friends. It’s also the time for your guests to celebrate your union and enjoy a little. Sip some drinks, nibble on cookies, catch up with pals, that sort of thing.

If you want to make your wedding reception a memorable one, we’ve got some quirky ideas that you can try:

Have a 90s-themed wedding reception

gem cookies
Photo credit: Hypequiva

This will definitely get all the “oo’s” and “ah’s” from your friends of the same age. Think haw flakes and White Rabbit candy as door gifts; ice potong or popsicles as dessert; gem cookies as appetisers; and UNO cards as part of the decoration!

UNO-themed party with UNO card placemats
Photo credit: Help Me Plan

You can decorate your photobooth with random sepia-coloured photographs from the 90s and have various childhood items (Nokia 3310 phones, discmans, Old Master Q comic books, etc.) as photo accessories!

Take your guests on a trip down memory lane

photos at wedding reception
Photo credit: Wedding Paper Divas

This one might require more effort than the typical wedding reception, so it would be more suitable for those who are planning on having a smaller and intimate party. Instead of having the same placemats and seats for every guest, why not personalise each seat for each guest?

Take your guest on a walk down memory lane by reminding them about the first time you met them. Mark their seats with your first photos together: at work, at a friend’s gathering, in school, etc. This will make it an unforgettable reception for them.

For your part, share the story of how you met your spouse once again with the guests. Memories bring people closer and make us cherish each other more.

Back to the good old schooling days

wedding reception in a hall with a love sign
Photo credit: Stackwood Studios

Imagine having a wedding in the school canteen – yay or nay? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be held in a canteen. You can make your event space like a school canteen, with your wedding photos on a notice board and food served in Tupperwares. Decorate the bar and dessert counter to look like a canteen counter too!

Bring in the food trucks

food truck wedding reception
Photo credit: Platinum Touch Events

So you want a garden wedding reception but you want it to stand out and look special. Hire food trucks! Rather than having a buffet spread or set meals like every other garden wedding, have food trucks stationed at the reception area.

Plus, ice kacang from a truck somehow tastes much better.

Have a wedding reception in a lounge

lounge wedding reception
Photo credit: pinterest.com

If you want a wedding reception that is casual yet classy at the same time, consider having it in a lounge instead of a restaurant. You can also book an event space and decorate it to resemble a lounge. Serve finger food and hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and mocktails as well. Have lounge sofas instead of chairs to create that laid back-yet-elegant vibe.

Host a picnic

Photo credit: onefinedayweddingfair.com.au
Photo credit: onefinedayweddingfair.com.au

Have a mega-sized picnic for your wedding! It’s the most casual reception: with sandwiches and juices passed around, and the guests get to move about as and when they like. Do mention that it’s going to be a picnic on your invitation cards so your guests know what to wear for it!

Movie magic

movie wedding reception
Photo credit: moonsnjunes.wordpress.com

The space is to be decorated like your favourite movie, the music from the movie’s soundtrack, even the menu is inspired by or based on food that’s served in the menu! Some movies you can base your wedding reception on: Ratatouille, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Harry Potter, etc.

ratatouille like in the movie
Photo credit: Just as Delish

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written by Esther Chung