Quick Tips Series: Home Security by HOAN Security

It’s the holiday season and you’ve probably planned a nice getaway with the family at a scenic beach at some island. But before you do that, it pays to ensure your house is safe and burglar deterrent.

So, for today, we have Mr Andric from HOAN Security with a few tips to keep your home safe and secure.

1. Install the right peephole

This applies mostly for those living in apartments and condominiums. It always pays to know who’s outside trying to get in. Most times, your ordinary doors come with peep holes but it pays to get a wide angle peephole as they give a clearer picture of what’s going on outside.

2. Add video surveillance.

You can choose to install a real or fake video camera. Either way, the appearance of a video camera will act as a deterrent to potential burglars.

3. Install motion sensor lights

Working on the theory above, a burglar is less likely to attempt a house which is lit up. Install a motion detector light in your backyard, back windows, porch, and front door

4. Install strong locks to strengthen doors

Although your door may have locks installed, you should probably invest in a deadbolt and if your entry door isn’t up to scratch, install a solid wooden door. It’s better to spend a little more to secure your home and family’s safety.