Quick Halloween Makeover Ideas For Your Home

Halloween’s just around the corner and it’s time to get into the spooky festivities. Whether it’s for a party or just for the vibe, there’s nothing better to get you into the mood than decking out your whole house for Halloween! You don’t have to turn your home into a haunted house, but these quick little tweaks will channel your internal Goth and help you get into the ~spirit~ of the season:


Outdoor Décor

Since it’s the rainy season right now, your options may be limited. But don’t let that stop you!


1. Fall Freakies

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Use props like plastic pumpkins, foam tombstones, and straw scarecrows to deck out your front porch. Plastic options generally hold up well in the rain, but consider placing them under the shade but in sight. You could also build a makeshift spooky shed for your Halloween décor to add to the vibe.


Even dead branches and dried leaves work as spooky specimens, if you’re on a budget!


2. Window Ghouls


Image Credit: The Samuelson Group

Put cotton or rubber cobwebs all over your windows, with a plastic spider or two. Swap out your fancy curtains for dirty old white sheets – the shabbier and more stained, the better!. You could even add ‘bloody handprints’ with craft paint for a spookier effect, but make sure it’s washable!


Indoor Décor

Go all out for your indoors with the autumn motifs and Halloween décor! From your living room to your bathroom (yes, even there!) you can deck out any space in your interior to get into the mood. Use and personalise these simple ideas for your


1. Dreaded Drapes

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The easiest way to channel spookiness is to drape them in plain, stained white cloth over your furniture – sofas, tables, cupboards, chairs, and so on. Black gives you a darker ambiance, while deep purples and reds will make your home feel more like an evil lair.


The type of fabric will also give you different effects. Simple cottons and linens are great for the ‘abandoned’, haunted house feel, while velvets and velour gives off a more elegant vibe. Lace is creepy, while crazy patterns and Halloween motifs will give you a zany, eccentric flair.

Ensure that the drapes do not get in the way or pose a hazard if you’re decorating longer-term!


2. Crafty Creepies


 Image Credit: Reader's Digest https://www.rd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/04-kids-halloween-crafts-mummy-candle.jpg
Image Credit: Reader’s Digest

You don’t need to fork out a ton of cash for all those Halloween décor – consider crafting your fake spiders, ghostly poppets, ghoulish owls, or scary skulls. The shabby and ramshackle look of quick DIY-décor adds to the Fall feel. Reuse old tissue roll cores as the base of skeletons or ghosts, and fill jars with green goo, marbles, or chocolate eyeballs as creepy specimen jars. There are plenty of DIY guides on how to make string cobwebs, foam pumpkins, and cotton ball rats available for you to try!


3. Deadly Decals


Image Credit: Not On The High Street


Don’t forget to deck out your walls! There are many decals with spooky Halloween motifs available, from ghosts to bats to pumpkins. You could even adapt ‘regular’ decals like leaves, deer, moon and stars, and trees to fit into a Halloween theme. Consider deploying them on windows as doors as well, or even your mirrors and furniture surfaces to complete the look.


When getting decals, make sure you’re getting something that’s removable or reusable – or you’ll be stuck with a friendly ghost for much longer than you’d like!


4. Leery Lightning

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Image Credit: Amazon.com



Good lighting can set the mood, so think spooky for a Halloween look. Dim your lights for the creepy vibe, and swap out bright bulbs for dimmer, yellow ones. You can also make DIY Halloween lamp shades to not only cast freaky shadows, but add to the overall décor as well. Or if you’re really into gothic décor, there are many Halloween-ready lighting fixtures available on the market – from old-school Victorian lamps, lacy lights, lights shaped like pumpkins, skulls, ravens…. You get the picture!


When playing around with the lighting, make sure you’re not obstructing any wiring or creating fire hazards.


You can customise any of these options to your own style, whether you’re going all out or just want some light decorations for the season. But if you think gothic and creepy is totally your style and want to make a Halloween-inspired look work for your home, why not consult one of the many expert interior designers on Kaodim today?