5 Quick & Easy Smartphone Camera Tips For Creative Shots

With smartphone cameras boasting high megapixel counts and a myriad of fun features, it’s no wonder many are ditching the DSLRs for their smart devices for their next creative photo ops. It’s one thing less to carry and only a click away from social media fame.

Up your point-and-shoot game with these quick smartphone camera hacks for your next Insta-worthy shot:


1. Far-flung Beauty

Image Credit: Chris Vaughan



Your phone camera will work surprisingly well with telescopes! Just align your camera with the telescope to get amazing images of far-flung scenery or even close-up shots of the moon.

2. Pinhole Photo


Image Credit: Instructables

Vintage shots are the craze, and pinhole photos add an old-timey charm to your generic shots. For a pinhole effect, shoot through a literal pinhole; poke a small hole through a little piece of cardboard, and tape it securely over your phone camera. Make sure the lens is aligned to the hole. Adjust accordingly for the best results, and you’re good to go.   

3. Frame It Up


Image Credit: Photography

Camera and social media apps have various fancy digital frames to choose from, but if you want your very own personalised version, well, what better way than to make it yourself? Make a frame out of cardboard, paper, and other materials you can think of, and take your shot through the frame.

4. Poor Man’s Polariser


Image Credit: Franklin Arts

Keeping up with the sophistication of smartphone cameras, there are many lens kits you can buy for a totally professional-looking shot. But if you want a quick and cheap polariser, use your sunglasses! Plus, accessorising with a pair of polarising sunshades will make you look totally ~chic~ in your next vacation – and help you to take great scenic photos to boot.

5. Use Your Apps


Image Credit: PCMag.com

Your built-in camera app comes preset for general photo shoots, but third-party apps can give you access to the controls to tinker with the settings. Adjust the shutter speed, focus, ISO, and file export format with these apps for the best shots.

You can take truly stunning photos with your smartphone – if you have the know how. But if you need a pro helping you out in your big day – a wedding, a party, or just a plain old glamour photo shoot – why not try out one of the professional photographers in Kaodim today?