Here are the Psychological Benefits of Makeup

We often think cosmetics are just something that we use to enhance our appearances: eyeliner makes our eyes look bigger, bronzer brings out our cheek bones, and lipstick adds a healthy and sensual shade of red to our lips. But is that all there is to it – to look pretty?

A few studies were conducted with results that shed a different light on makeup products. Not only do they make you look more presentable, they most probably have a positive impact on your mental health too. Here are some of the psychological benefits makeup have that researchers have found:

1. Makeup elevates your confidence

cosmetics on table
Photo credit: Choice

Studies found that some women feel more confident after putting makeup on. By making themselves look presentable in their own way, cosmetics act as a confidence booster for these women. This confidence stems from how attractive the woman feels she is, which then encourages her to be more at ease with her actions

2. Makeup also makes you feel happier

Photo credit: Tumblr

It’s found that applying something as basic as lipstick can lift a woman’s mood. According to a style editor, she noticed that women feel happy even when they’re testing out a new lipstick colour. The lady had a “spark in her face” when she tried on lipstick, so imagine how much happier she’d be if she had a full makeover!

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3. It makes you feel less anxious

cabinet of cosmetics
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Most ladies can’t leave their home without at least a simple layer of foundation or concealer. Eyeliners can wait, but foundation is essential. This is because it’s used to cover up any acne, blemishes, or dark eye circles. It’s found that women have lower levels of anxiety when they none of these conditions are visible. They feel more assured to go about their daily lives when these are covered up.

Never underestimate the power of cosmetics. It’s more than just something that makes you look attractive physically; it also boosts your confidence level, puts you in a good mood, and calms you down. So the next time when you’re down, try putting on some blush or lipstick!

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written by Esther Chung