How To Protect Yourself From The Haze In Malaysia

Oh bummer, the haze is back in Malaysia and now there’s a thick murky grayness shrouding the city skyline. According to the Malay Mail, a number of districts within KL and Putrajaya are borderline unhealthy, with API readings scaling the high 90s. The air pollutants in the haze are terrible for those with health conditions such as asthma, allergies, eye diseases and respiratory issues. To avoid going out completely would be impossible, but we can certainly take preliminary measures to reduce our exposure to the haze and its daunting effects on us.

Drink Lots Of Water

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It’s hot enough in Malaysia, but the air is significantly hotter and dirtier with the presence of the haze. Make water your best friend this season and replenish your body with H2O to flush out the toxins.

Use Air Conditioning

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Stay indoors as much as you can. You’ll need a good air conditioning at home to usher air pollutants away, so get if you need some help inspecting or fixing your aircond units, get the expert contractors to assist you with that.

Wear A Mask

respiratory mask haze

When getting a mask, choose respirators over disposable surgical masks because the latter isn’t properly designed to combat fine particles present in the haze. Unlike respirators, which secure your nose and mouth from air pollutants, surgical masks are created to catch the wearer’s bodily fluids, such as your saliva and nasal discharge.

Avoid Eating In Open Spaces

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As much as you love your chow kuey teow or tosai at hawker stalls or mamaks, try to avoid eating in open spaces as the pollution in the air can severely damage your lungs. Pick a restaurant with air conditioning, or if you’d rather stay indoors but are too tired to cook, hire a caterer to make your life easier!

Roll Up The Windows Of Your Car

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Don’t drive with the windows down because the haze has already robbed the “fresh” out of fresh air. If the aircond in your car is busted, then you should get it repaired. We’ve got professionals for that.

Stock Up On Vitamins A & C

colourful fruits - oranges and pomegrenates

The haze has affected lots of people’s health. So build up your body’s immunity by grocery shopping for foods that are rich in vitamins A and C, such as sweet potatoes, fish, cheese, oranges and strawberries.

Don’t take your health for granted! Protect yourself, your loved ones and your home by staying indoors, replenishing your body with nutrients and loads of water and taking the appropriate steps to guard yourself against the haze. And should you require help with your air conditioning, we’ve got the right professionals available at your service! Start off by submitting a job request on our website and we’ll introduce you to several aircond contractors in your area so you can compare prices, check their ratings and read reviews by previous customers!

written by Carissa Gan