How To Properly Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are one of the most used household appliances in your home. With all the food residue laying around, the chances are your kitchen sink may be filled with more germs and bacteria than you know. No worries, we will cover the basics on how you can clean your kitchen sink properly and effectively.

1. Clear out the sink 

First and foremost, clean and remove any unwashed dishes as well as any leftover food scraps in the sink. Now that you have a dish-free sink, give it a quick rinse with some water to wash down any remaining food residue that may be lingering. Cover the sink with a little dishwashing liquid on the surface and lightly scrub the sink with a sponge starting from the sides until foamy. 

Some might just stop here but let’s not forget that we touch those handles and faucets with our dirty hands every time we wash the dishes. To clean the handles and the faucet, soak a cloth with some soapy water and give the handles and faucet a wipe. If you are having trouble reaching those tiny hard to reach spots, save yourself some trouble by using a toothbrush to brush those areas.

2. Dealing with stubborn stains 


After light scrubbing with a sponge, you may notice some rust or stubborn stains that are still reluctant to leave your sink. To get rid of the rust and stains, apply some hot water and baking soda to the sponge and scrub the problem areas in a circular motion, rinse the stained area with water after scrubbing. If the stain remains, repeat this step a few more times until the stain disappears completely. Removing these stains can be very tiring and time-consuming, we too have a solution for you. It’s as easy as hiring our trusted and professional cleaners who will not only clean your dirty sink but also save you time and energy too.


3. Cleaning the drain

Have you ever wondered where that awful smell of sewage is coming from? It could most likely be the gross stuff down the drain stinking your sink. All you need is hot water, baking soda, and lemon juice. First, pour a cup of hot water down the drainage system. Take a cup of baking soda and pour it down slowly into the drain. To complete the cleaning process, squeeze some lemon juice into the drain and let it bubble. After the bubbling is over, the unbearable smell will be gone, this step should be repeated on a monthly basis to prevent your sink from smelling. If your sink is still giving out a freakish smell, you better get a professional plumber to get that checked.

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