How to prevent the growth of mould at your home

Mould a form of fungus that is present everywhere, indoors and outdoors. It produces spores that can’t be seen with our naked eyes and are spread airborne. These mould spores can enter our homes through opened doors, windows, clothes, shoes, pets and they can thrive on any surfaces that are warm, moist and dark. Moulds might be useful organisms for the ecosystem outdoors but they pose not only home aesthetic problems but also health risks. They can be quite dangerous for the respiratory system and even ruin your home by damaging your home furniture or personal possessions such as our cupboards, books, mattresses etc. Here are some steps you can take to prevent the growth of moulds at home. 

  1. Dry wet areas ASAP

Mould spores thrive in a damp environment. Whenever a spill happens, be sure to dry them thoroughly by patting it dry with a cloth then air dry them as soon as possible. Especially for surfaces like your sofa, carpet or mattress. If the surface remains moist, mould spores might start growing and even worse, it can be spread throughout the house by ourselves.

  1. Let the air circulate

Air circulation is vital for controlling mould growth. Open your windows to ventilate the house as much as possible to avoid moisture trapping indoors. Bathrooms definitely have the highest risk for mould to grow, hence, it is crucial to always let moisture flow out instead of building up indoors. Being blessed to live in an all-year sunny country, it is best to dry your clothes out under the sun and avoid drying clothes indoors to reduce potential mould growth too.

  1. Get a dehumidifier

Frequent rainfalls can lead to a humid environment. Using a dehumidifier will be able to make the indoor moisture levels drop and maintain a dry environment. Doing so can make your space less suitable for mould and dust mites to thrive in. 

While mould spores cannot be seen with our naked eyes, be sure to always maintain a dry and clean indoor environment because the best we can do is to make our space less hospitable for mould to grow. If you are in need of help to spruce up your home for a clean environment, seek our trained cleaners to make your home fresh and clean.