10 Pretty Smoothie Bowls On Instagram You Need To See

Breakfast smoothie bowls are not your regular smoothies. In case you’re wondering, a smoothie bowl is basically an acai bowl without the acai. For starters, they can’t be downed in a minute – these actually take a while to consume, especially if you garnish your smoothie with fruits, granola and cereal flakes. That’s the fun part, though!

While smoothie bowls launched about two years ago, the trend just keeps getting better and better. Today, Instagrammers are displaying their culinary creativity through a range of good-looking, colourful smoothies that will make you swoon:

1. Rainbow Whip Smoothies

rainbow whip smoothie
Photo credit: @anettvelsberg

We’re such a fan of Anett Velsberg‘s creative concoctions! The Estonian food photographer and stylist has worked with popular publications such as Glamour Magazine and Martha Stewart Magazine, and her work is just stunning.

Her rainbow whip smoothies may not be in a bowl, but they’re equally gorgeous. Just look at the dreamy blend of colours and her boldness in adding edible flowers into the mix, while topping them off with cream and pastel sugar pearls!

2. Deep purple berry bowl

Dragonfruit smoothie bowl
Photo credit: @anettvelsberg

Here’s another one of Anett’s creations. This Maqui berry smoothie bowl is beautifully flavoured with almond milk, granola flakes, strawberries, figs, blueberries and raspberries. If you can’t find Maqui berry powder for the smoothie, you can replace it with acai or dragon fruit. Get creative!

3. Artistic smoothie bowl

colorful smoothie bowl
Photo credit: @rachelrenenorton

This smoothie bowl is a brilliant work of art! Rachel Lorton added blueberries, banana slices and coconut yoghurt here, and in case you’re wondering about the colours, they were all achieved with natural powders such as spirulina and turmeric.

4. Ultimate green smoothie bowl

Delicious green vegan smoothie bowl recipe
Photo credit: @laurafruitfairy

Have you noticed a common trend among these Instagrammers? They’re vegan. Laura loves creating vegan recipes for her readers, and this masterpiece incorporates fresh bananas, blueberries, apples, frozen spinach, kale and strawberries. Feel free to sprinkle some nuts or avocado on the smoothie for that extra flavour.

5. Creamy pink smoothie bowl

Beautiful healthy vegan smoothie bowl
Photo credit: @anettvelsberg

Decorating a breakfast smoothie bowl is always fun. When you have a pastel base to start off with, you can jazz up the aesthetic appeal with brightly-coloured ingredients such as strawberries, figs and blueberries. Edible flowers and coconut flakes won’t harm too!

6. Candy floss smoothie

Photo credit: @alphafoodie

Who would’ve thought of adding bits of cotton candy to breakfast smoothies? Well, Samira did. And we have to admit that it looks way too pretty to eat!

7. Constellation smoothie & oatmeal bowl

Photo credit: @sculptedpilates

If you’re looking for smoothie bowls that are out of this world, Sarah has nailed this by adding oatmeals and macarons into the mix! Add overnight oats soaked in almond milk, blue spirulina, maple syrup and gold glitter! Let this be an inspiration for your next smoothie fix.

8. Blueberry turmeric bowl

Blueberry turmeric smoothie bowl
Photo credit: @lmhallman

In the words of Lauren Hallman, “A blueberry turmeric bowl is the perfect meal any time of day.”

Ah yes, this interesting recipe also calls for frozen bananas, blueberries, coconut milk and yoghurt mixed with turmeric powder!

9. Avocado spinach smoothie bowl

yummy avocado spinach smoothie
Photo credit: @oneslicemore

We love avocados and spinach – don’t you? This smoothie bowl can be easily replicated with a small avocado, spinach leaves, pineapple chunks and coconut yoghurt – all blended together and topped with nuts and fresh berries.

10. Strawberry coconut smoothie

Strawberry coconut smoothie bowl
Photo credit: @oneslicemore

We’ve all seen smoothies in bowls, but Munich-based food blogger Sarah has taken it one step further by serving her coconut-based smoothie in a coconut husk! Add a handful of strawberries, half a banana, some coconut water and coconut yoghurt, and you’re good to go!

So, who’s up for a delicious breakfast smoothie bowl? If you’re thinking of serving creative smoothies at your next event, get in touch with our caterers on Kaodim.com. Tell them what you have in mind, get their quotes, review their portfolios, and tap “Book” when you’re ready to hire! 

written by Carissa Gan