Popular Wedding Trends For The Year Of The Rooster

For couples looking to wed this Rooster year, this is the predicted year for love – so lucky you! If you’re planning a marriage soon, we have the list of wedding trends that are rumoured to be really popular for 2017.

Take the first-look

actual wedding day
Photo credit: Momento Wedding

First-look wedding photography is the thing now. More than just a wedding photography trend, the first-look is actually the most intimate thing a couple can have during a wedding. Raw emotions can be captured when the groom and bride take a first look at each other on their big day: some may cry, some may get really excited.

Regardless of the reaction, it’s something you definitely want to cherish and remember for the rest of your lives.

Soft petals

pretty soft wedding bouquet
Photo credit: Owl Stories Production

More and more brides prefer bouquets made from flowers with soft colours. Think dusty pink, off-white, beige, and baby green. Colours like these make the event look more romantic and relaxed. Have an experienced florist pick out some nice shades for your bouquet. 

Get the dress off your shoulders

wedding gownPhoto credit: Alex Phuah Photography

Girls, it’s the year of the off-shoulder gowns. This dressing style is elegant and seductive, at the same time not showing too much skin. The off-shoulder gown is reminiscent of some old world charm, easily transforming you into a queen.

After all, you’re the star of the day and you deserve all the attention.

Mix and match

malaysian wedding
Photo credit: Ckvin Studio

Gone are the days when the bridesmaids and groomsmen don uniforms. You know what we mean, bridesmaids wearing identical dresses, and groomsmen wearing suits of the same colour. If that’s not boring, we don’t know what is.

Set a theme and allow your girls and bros to pick an outfit colour or cutting that best suits them. It looks much better in photos, and your mates will thank you for this too!

Handwritten wedding cards

handwritten wedding invitation
Photo credit: weddingpaperdivas.com

Hold on, don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that you need to create each of your invitation cards by hand. Just pick an invitation card design that uses handwritten font. You can write the names of the guests by hand if you like (we highly recommend you do so).

There’s a sense of originality and sincerity in handwritten cards that capture guests’ attention. They look much nicer and trendy too!

Keep the cakes tall

tall wedding cake malaysia
Photo credit: Viva La Vida Cake Art

Tall cakes have always been a favourite. The tiered one is not only an aesthetic trend, it’s very practical as well. How are you going to feed all your guests if you get a normal-sized cake?

Let your cake stand tall and pretty. It looks great on photo and there’s plenty to go around for your guests as well.

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written by Esther Chung