How To Plan A Fantastic Raya Open House

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Ramadhan is drawing to an end and Hari Raya is quickly approaching. If you’ve never hosted a Hari Raya open house before, and would love to invite your friends and family over for a hearty celebration, we’ll be happy to help! Planning a Raya open house is no easy task because there are a bunch of things to take into consideration, such as getting the right food, keeping your guests entertained and so forth. But don’t worry, just follow these 5 tips below and you’ll be on your way to hosting one of the best Raya open houses ever!

event tent for raya open house

1. Rent A Venue

Most Malaysians usually use their houses as the venue, but lately there’s been an increase in location rentals for the open house. Renting a venue will lessen your overall work while ensuring that your house doesn’t get trashed in the process.

decorative ketupat for hari raya

2. Decorate The Place

Now that you’ve picked a place, the next step is to make sure you dress that place up to the nines. No one wants to walk into a party with no decorations and resembles a dull office space. Get colourful lights, DIY ketupats, anything that will turn a space from drab to fab and get the Raya celebratory spirit flowing! Hire an event planner if you’d like extra help in this area.

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3. Rent The Items You Need… Like A Photobooth!

Having a party is no easy feat. There are going to be screaming children, hungry adults and grumpy parents. And then there is the common ground of setting the place up to accommodate every type of guest. Rent canopies and extra chairs and tables if there’s going to be a lot of people. You  can also rent a photobooth. Although it’s not a common addition for Raya open houses, you might consider exciting your guests with one this year!  Photobooths have become quite a prominent feature in any type of party, so why not rent one for your Hari Raya open house?

camera sitting on piano

4. Hire Photography And/Or Videography Services

A great party must always be documented, which is why you should hire photographers and videographers to capture every single moment of your party. Fun memories like these can be easily forgotten, so hire someone to document the entire day. Besides that, you could also hire cleaners to save yourself some time and energy. You can spend your time entertaining your guests rather than running after them with a mop because they spilled air bandung all over your favourite carpet.

raya food buffet

5. Acquire Catering Services

You didn’t think we would forget the star of the show, did you? We Malaysians live and breathe food and the main point of these open houses is to celebrate after an entire month of fasting and to  enjoy all that amazing Raya food. Due to the volume of guests your open house might be accommodating, the best idea would be to hire a caterer. There are so many amazing catering services on Kaodim that you will most likely be spoiled with choices. 

These are the best ways to ensure that you throw the best Raya party that will have people raving about for months after it’s over. To get quotes on the services mentioned above, from event planning to photobooths, head on over to Kaodim for competitive prices from service providers so you can pull off the best party ever.

written by Tashya Viknesh