Places To Put Your CCTV To Keep Your Family Safe

Let’s be real. We’ve all watched a thriller, and spent the rest of the night imagining how we would fight off intruders if they broke into our home. After a while, it’s a challenge to even stay home alone, and any sudden sound will make you jump!

But don’t worry, you can keep yourself and your family protected by installing some security cameras around your home to monitor your surroundings.

Here are some spots that you can install home security cameras to keep yourself safe.

1. Front door

front door
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In the movies, serial killers like to walk in through the front door, right?

In reality, while it may seem unlikely for thieves or robbers to break into a home through the front door (it’s like announcing to everyone that you’re committing a crime), it’s important that you monitor the situation at your front door. By installing a security camera at your front door, you can keep an eye on visitors who come to your doorstep.

To avoid others from damaging your security camera, you should install it at second-floor level. Alternatively, you can install a peephole camera. This will allow you to identify your visitor before opening the door.


2. Backdoor

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As one of the two main entrances to your home, the backdoor to your home is usually not visible from the main street. That makes it the best way for someone to break into your home! You will definitely need to install a security camera here.

Similar to your front door, you can also install the security cameras at the second-floor level to avoid tampering. As backdoor areas may not be very well-lit, you can consider installing an infrared security camera. Alternatively, you can just get professionals to install motion sensor lights for you!


3. Car porch and driveway

car porch
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In movies, garages are always dark and have something lurking in them. That makes it one of the key spots that you should monitor through a security camera!

Furthermore, there were also numerous cases of stolen cars from private homes. By installing a security camera in your car porch, or driveway, you will be able to have added security over your cars.


4. Second floor

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Aside from Santa Claus, it’s rather rare for people to enter a home from the higher floors. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

For some houses that are built near to their neighbours, it’s possible for someone to break in through the house next door. By installing a security camera on the second floor, you can protect yourself against thieves who intend to avoid your first-floor cameras and only steal things from the second floor.

Alternatively, install metal grills on your windows to avoid break-ins from the higher floors!


5. Baby Room

Baby room / Nursery
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Some parents let their babies sleep in their own rooms, but it’s worrisome when crime happens in the neighbourhood. If your toddler sleep in their own room, do consider installing a security camera in that room!

By installing a security camera in the baby room, you can easily keep an eye on your child. Not only you can give them extra protection against potential threats, but you can also monitor their wellbeing through the security camera.

Keep your home safe, and you can sleep in peace at night. Get in touch with security experts on Kaodim to get your security camera installation done!

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