Pest Problem? Here’s How To Catch ‘Em All

by Tashya Viknesh

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The problem with rodents and roaches is not about how disgusting or annoying they are. If left to reign freely, these pests will affect your health severely. Prevention is definitely better than cure because roaches can become a reservoir for viruses and bacteria like salmonella and the polio virus. Rodents, on the other hand, are vehicles for viruses like the plague or hemorrhagic fevers that have lead to deaths in Malaysia. Lizards also carry diseases and should be eliminated upon sight.

So the next time you spot one in your home, don’t just scream for your housemate – pluck up the courage and do something about it. Here are some effective ways to prevent and eliminate these pests from taking over your home.

Getting Rid Of Roaches

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1. Deny Them Water

First and foremost, deny them water. It is known that cockroaches can live for a month or two without food, but only about a week without water. So fix all the leaky pipes and check your house and yard for any open containers or pots that might contain water.

2. Declutter And Clean

The next step is to clean your house. Leave no stone unturned, or in this case, furniture. A cockroach’s tough shell, known as its exoskeleton is able to withstand even the worst radiation that can kill humans. So make an effort to throw away your rubbish every night, keep the sink clean and dish-free, and make sure that no food is left out in the open where it is easily accessible by these roaches.

3. Bring In The Bubbles

According to blogger Sylvia Tramos, bubbles can kill roaches almost instantly. This is because roaches breathe through their skin, so bubbles on the skin will deny them air and that’s how they suffocate. Apart from bubbles, feel free to use cockroach bait and or professional grade pesticides. Decide what is best for your family. Please take into account your pets and children just to be safe.

Getting Rid of Rodents


1. Clean Your Home

Once you have identified where the rats are camping out, you have to clean the entire house to avoid having accidental food and water lying around. Don’t forget to seal any holes in the wall or ceiling, which could be entrances for these nasty rodents.

2. Trap Them

Unless you’re a cat, physically hunting these rats and killing them might not appeal to you. So set out live traps to lure them in.

3. Drive Them Away

Preventing them from entering your house is the best option. Soak some old rag cloths in ammonia, or use mothballs and leave them in mouse-frequented areas. The smell alone will discourage them. Peppermint oil and dried mint leaves also work really well in repelling rats.

Getting Rid of Lizards

caulkPrevent lizards by sealing your cracks with caulk/ Photo credit:

1. Seal Your Home

Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing that overly confident lizard move around your home like he owns the place? Just like roaches and rats, lizards enter the home through little cracks and will continue to be around if there is food to feed on. Use a caulk or putty to seal cracks and holes, and feel free to contact our handymen at Kaodim to help you with your home repair needs. 

2. Bat Them Off With Egg Shells And Garlic

Lizards are apparently scared of the smell of egg shells, so the next time you make that breakfast omelette, save the shells and put them around the house, and lizards won’t dare to come near. They also hate the smell of garlic, so leave some cloves out and they will stay away.

3. Lizard Balls

Ever heard of lizard death-balls? They’re a combination of coffee powder and tobacco packed into small balls, and when lizards eat them, they die.

There are many ways to kill pests in your house. But most importantly, always keep your house cleaned and sealed. Head over to Kaodim for a reputable cleaning company to help you with the chores. And if you require professional assistance on eradicating roaches, lizards, rats or other annoying pests, we can introduce you to pest control specialists equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as UV lights and moisture meters to track down the annoying creatures so you can finally dwell in peace!

written by Tashya Viknesh