Does Your Partner Snore? Here’s How To Get More Sleep

Contrary to popular belief, snoring isn’t an indication of a good deep sleep. Snoring actually prevents you from getting proper rest, presents the risk of sleep apnea – where you stop breathing for a bit as you sleep – and may even signal underlying serious health problems.

But what’s worse than snoring while sleeping is trying to sleep beside a snoring person. Studies have shown that partners of a snoring sleeper suffer similarly from poor sleep quality as the snorer themselves.

Short of kicking your snoring partner awake every time another bout starts, here’s 5 ways to get better sleep if your partner is a snorer:

1. Use Earplugs

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An effective way to deal with the noise is to block it out as much as you can. Consider using earplugs to eliminate a good part of the snoring noise that is disrupting your sleep. Simple foam earplugs would suffice, although there are also more targeted options that works specifically on snoring noises.

2. Get Better Pillows

Man snoring while his wife is covering ears with the pillow

Good pillows not only help with your comfort, but can also improve and help mitigate snoring. Firm pillows that provide proper head support and lift will also help open up the snorer’s airways to reduce snoring. Some individuals also snore because of inflamed nasal passages due to allergies, so hypoallergenic and anti-dust pillows can also help reduce irritation, resulting in less occurrences of snoring.

The thing is, snoring is not an untreatable problem. If your partner is up for it, consider opting for a more permanent snoring treatment options available in Malaysia across many professional clinics and healthcare service providers.


3. Improve Your Bedroom

Consider improving the space, ventilation, layout and lighting of your bedroom to create the best environment for you to relax and fall asleep. A comfortable bedroom environment can work wonders in sleep quality for both you and your snoring partner.

Better sleep can also reduce their tendency to snore. Consider switching to a bigger and more comfortable bed, change up the light fixtures and think about cooler colour schemes that will work for both you and your partner.

4. Try Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains
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Have a lovely layout for your bedroom? Get even more privacy and comfort with blackout curtains as these curtains block out and muffle external light and noise for an intimate and distraction-free sleep environment. Plus, they come in various trendy designs to add some personality into your bedroom.

5. Roll Over

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Besides changing your sleep environment, you can help your snoring partner manage their snoring as well. Certain sleeping positions could actually worsen snoring. The biggest culprits include sleeping on the back – a position that tends to block the airways and create resistance results in snoring.

To reduce or even stop the snoring, work with your partner to get them to sleep in a better position. This usually means sleeping on the stomach or sides. You can opt to roll your partner to the side when they are sleeping on their backs or get them to retrain their sleeping positions to avoid excessive snoring.

6. Try Nasal Strips

nasal strips
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Nasal strips can be effective for reducing snoring caused by blocked airways. They are non-invasive and are an easy way to reduce your partner’s snoring, although they’re not effective against snoring caused by sleep apnea or an underlying health issue.

But if you’re fine with your snoring and just want a better environment for better sleep, try engaging one of the many professional contractors on Kaodim for the best, most comfortable sleeping chambers for you.  

written by Louisa Lee