Pamper Your Mum With Kaodim’s Style Of Celebration

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually to honour mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child and supporting their family. But, we at Kaodim, believe mothers should be celebrated and pampered all year round. If you’re out of ideas of doing something for your mum, a simple act of service easing her from her daily duties and routines will be great.

Here are 4 ideas to pamper your mum:

1. Surprise your mum with a squeaky clean house & decorate the living room with a handmade“I Love You, Mum” banner.

If your mum is a stay-at-home wife, this could be a perfect idea. But, in order for this plan to succeed, you need to get your mum out of the house for a few hours. During this time, clean the house for her. Let her be the queen for the day without having to worry about sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, or even scrubbing the toilet bowl.

Tada, when she reaches home, she will find tidily-organized shelves, a dust-free living room, a squeaky clean bathroom, and no dirty dishes in the kitchen sink! Then, when she spots the banner, she’ll know that her children remember and actually care about her. Aww!


Just a reminder, if you’re overwhelmed with the cleaning part and feel like you need some assistance, you don’t have to do it alone.  Kaodim’s cleaners will be more than happy to help.


2. Who could say NO to a delicious cake?

Regardless of the occasion; a cake will always stand out as an impressive celebratory treat. After all, everyone loves scrumptious desserts, right?

To surprise her, it’s time to give your baking skills a shot. It may not taste as good as a professional bakers’, but no matter how it tastes, it’s your sincere action that counts.

If you still insist on making her a homemade cake but you don’t have any idea about baking, don’t worry! You can get professional cooking/ baking lesson from Kaodim.


But… If baking is too much trouble and you want to save your kitchen from a giant mess, Kaodim’s bakery is always available. You can even order a customized cake for your mum.


3. Arrange an intimate gathering by inviting her closest friends & family, and surprise her!

What do people love about surprises?




When you are fully surprised, you have no expectation of what’s coming towards you, and that’s the beauty of it. The contentment is genuine.

Your mum thinks that it’s just another normal day, doing the same routines she always does; going off to work, cleaning the house, doing laundry, or cooking meals… until she enters a room full of the unexpected loved ones; her parents, a few closest friends, and definitely her much-loved family. This plan is probably harder to pull of, but when you do, it will be totally worth it.

4. You’ll never go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers!

Flowers are the loving and traditional way to express appreciation to the mums in our lives.

Well, sometimes your mum may seem to be cold, or uninterested towards girly stuffs like make-ups and flowers. She will tell you not to spend money to buy her gifts because she doesn’t need it. But, the truth is, she will secretly be thankful and overjoyed if you still get her a gift. So guys, don’t back down when she says NO. Determination is the key.


People always joke about how complicated women are, but the untold secret not known by many is, the right flowers at the right time can melt any woman’s heart, including your mother!

What are you waiting for? Get her the sweetest flowers she deserves through Kaodim’s florists