Pack Your Suitcase Like A Pro With These Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or for your honeymoon, no one wants to drag an overstuffed suitcase around that “explodes” (flying bras in your face!) when airport security demands that you open it.


To me, packing is an art. It requires skill, creativity and a lot of self-control to achieve the perfect balance of having everything you need without ending up with enough to clothe a family of four. Also, you would want to be fashionable while you travel! So yes, those necklaces are coming with me!

Here are a few steps to help you to pack your suitcase like a professional so you can travel efficiently but with style.

Step 1: Check the weather

Get an idea of the temperatures and weather that you will be expecting. This will influence the necessities and types of clothing that is needed. For Malaysian travelers, it’s important to know the temperature of the destination since we’re not well-versed with winter needs. For example, winter in Taiwan is markedly different from winter in Chicago. Travel websites usually provide ideas and suggestions on the types of clothing and gear to prepare for specific destinations during specific months. Please do check it out to avoid overdressed or underdressed situation.

A cute outfit that might do the job for a winter in Taiwan but you might freeze to death if you’re going to Chicago. Source:

Step 2: Packing lists

Write a list of all your essentials or things you can’t live without.

Some ideas:

  • Electronics that keep you connected and mobile
  • Toiletries that help you to stay fresh
  • Clean undergarments
  • Cash in the right currencies and credit cards
  • Medicine, especially if you have allergies
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent for the beach outings

Then make a list of all the nice-to-haves. Some ideas:

  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Electronic items or books that keep you entertained
  • Extra clothing/shoes

Once you’re done, go through each item and ask yourself: do you really need this or will you even have time to read all those books? Try to be on a realistic mindset and cut down on unnecessary items off the packing lists.

Other tips on deciding how much you need:

  • Plan what you will wear each day. And remember that you can always get it washed.
  • Pack three tops for every bottom
  • Bring tops and bottoms that can easily mix and match.
  • Choose lightweight layers (these are especially awesome if you’re backpacking and want to save money and time on laundry)
  • Opt for clothes that pass for casual but can also easily be “glammed up” with a necklace or a blazer for dressier occasions

Step 3: Invest in travel-sized items

From your lists above, try to replace them with travel-sized items. Most pharmacies carry travel-sized toiletries of generic brands. Get a small hairdryer or hair straightener instead. Bring a small umbrella that fits in your purse. These items are usually inexpensive . The space and weight you save make a difference.

Step 4: Lay everything out around your suitcase and organised it.

This gives you an idea if everything will fit. Be brave, cut more things from your list!

Think of how you would arrange everything in your suitcase. Some tips:

  • Large or heavy clothing at the bottom
  • Shoes at the bottom near the wheels. Stuff your socks in the shoes.
  • Sleepwear on top
  • More formal clothing on top so you can easily pull them out to hang once you get to the hotel
  • Small items and undergarments in little gaps between clothing
  • Roll your clothes and pack them tightly


Step 5: Space for souvenirs!

Does your suitcase extend? Don’t fill that space! Leave it for things you’ll buy on your trip. You’ll need that space for those gadgets if you stopping over Hong Kong or the Longchamp bag and macarons from Paris.

Step 6: Solution for bulkier clothing

Last tip: Wear the bulkier and heavier clothing instead of packing them. This is especially useful for colder climates as your boots and coats might take up half the space of your luggage.


Have fun on your travels! If you have other must-share tips, do drop us a note!