Organization Hacks For Girls & All Their Pretty Little Things!

Girls don’t only love diamonds and wanna have fun, we know that you’ve got lots of pretty knick-knacks stashed up in every corner of the room! Organizing your stuff can be a pain and you might not even want to begin picking at those tiny earrings and fancy hair pins.

Well, we all have to start somewhere. Take the weekend off and get organized with these simple hacks – with everything stored in its place, you can easily find your matching necklace and earrings so you won’t be late for your next date! (also, your maid’s blood pressure won’t explode the next time she has to clean your room up!)

1. Modify Hangers

Hangers can do more than just hang clothes. You don’t have to spend extra money on buying special storage cases or custom-hangers to store other items. Instead, you can get really cheap screw-in/self-adhesive hooks and a pack of ring binders which you can attach to your hangers – these will turn them into the perfect place to hang jewelery and scarves. You can also use a hanger as it is to hang up your sunglasses.

Dress up your hangers with some DIY artwork!

Source (clockwise from top left):, &
Source (clockwise from top left):, &

2. Display & Store Within Picture Frames

No more missing keys and one-sided earrings! If you have a few spare picture frames lying around, don’t let them go to waste. First, decorate the frame and backboard – for instance, you can cover the backboard with wrapping paper and paint over the frame. Next, grab several self-adhesive hooks and attach them onto the backboard.


3. The Divided Shoe Box

After getting home with a new pair of shoes, hang on to the box! They are the perfect size to be used as an organizer box to store your make-up. Cut the top part of the shoe box to make into dividing slots that you can fit across the main shoe box (you can cut them into whatever size you want to divide the box into). Decorate your box with decorative paper and allocate compartments for your foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadow, concealer and eyeliners.

Another idea is to use the top cover of the shoe box and turn it into a make up tray – combine more than one cover together to create a large tray, or use smaller boxes to separate items on the tray.

Source: (left), (top right) & (bottom right)
Source: (left), (top right) & (bottom right)

4. Paint Palettes For Your Precious

Paint palettes are ready-to-be-used organizers for your small jewelery items like earrings, studs, and rings. If your younger sibling has a spare palette from art class (or maybe you have an old one stored away somewhere from a failed attempt at being Picasso), you can reuse it to keep your precious sparkles.


5. Step-Ladder Cum Bedside Table

It might seem odd and crazy all at the same time but there are many ways to fit an unused step-ladder into your room’s interior décor! The flat steps of the ladder can function as a bedside table and shelving to place your books or charge your phone – you might be able to pull off a shabby-chic décor with this one!


6. Hold Your Metals With Magnetic Strips

Bobby pins or nail clippers can be misplaced easily, and it always seem like you’re constantly buying new ones because you can’t find them. To avoid this from happening over and over again, get some magnetic strips from a hardware store and stick one beside your dressing mirror or vanity – now, all you need to do is to leave it to the magnet’s awesomeness to hold all your pins and other metal accessories!


7. Turn Food Containers Into Everyday Storage

A box is a box, it doesn’t matter if it was used to store food before or not. You can reuse food containers from your take-aways to keep your accessories, trinkets, memorabilia, your kids’ stuff or turn it into a piggy bank slash holiday fund. Wrap them up in pretty patterned fabrics or coloured papers.

Just make sure you clean and wash them out properly before reusing!


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