Now You Can Have a Game of Thrones-Inspired Home!

The 7th season of the insanely popular HBO series Game of Thrones has just concluded this year, and we’ll all have to wait until late 2018 to early 2019 for the next season to come around. Game of Thrones is based on a series of fantasy novels called ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin.

Fans have been attracted by the strong storyline featuring the fight if several noble families over the throne of the fantasy kingdom of Westeros. Apart from the story, Game of Thrones is also known for sumptuous costumes and sets. Each place in the series has a distinct look and style, which you can interpret directly into your home.

Here are some GOT interior ideas that can work in real life:

1. Dining at King’s Landing

Photo credit: Soreplica Houses

A high-backed cushioned chair forms the focal point of this dining room that features a very opulent wooden dining table. This medieval Spanish inspired dining set-up would look exactly like a scene from King’s Landing, where Cersei Lannister would be meeting with her council and sipping on endless goblets of wine.

2. Lounging in Winterfell

Photo credit: Mpressions

A northern winter inspired living room isn’t complete without faux animal heads and plenty of white and neutral grey colours. You get the distinct sense that you’re in a more rustic setting, and no doubt know that winter is coming.

3. Gardening in Dorne

Photo credit: Bored Panda

House Martel’s abode in the Southern kingdom of Dorne was filmed at a real location in Spain, named the Alcazar Palaca in Seville. Spanish gardens incorporate several styles, including very distinct Mediterranean and Moorish influences. This can be seen in the red brick walkways and high angled arches that are ornately decorated.

4. Sleeping in Castle Black

Photo credit: OKA

The stark and mainly wooden structure of Castle Black belies the simplicity and harsh reality of the Night’s Watch. This bedroom captures the simple lives lead by the brothers of the Night’s Watch as they keep guard over the wall. Heavy blankets, light furniture and dark accents give you the impression that Jon Snow would have spent a night in a room like this.

5. Hanging Around in Highgarden

Photo credit: LA Curbed

Highgarden is home to the ambitious House Tyrell, and in their fortified castle are rose gardens filled with minstrels and other performers. House Tyrell are patrons of the arts, and their home reflects their interest in beauty and nature. This reading room captures Highgarden’s heady taste for the more bohemian side of life.

6. Marvels at Meereen

Photo credit: Architizer

Meeren is the last city Daenerys Targaryen rules before launching her campaign on Westeros. Her palace in Meeren features geometric stone pillars and dramatic horizontal platforms. The signature carved upper walls that let the light are perfectly captured in this living room that reflects some Mayan elements.

Redecorating is really simple when you go a little nerdy and let your fandom take over. There’s plenty of pointers you can take from the set designers of GOT. Whether you like the cool colours of the North of the warm colours of the South, it’s all about being brave. Here at Kaodim, our renovators will accommodate you and help you turn your home into a place where you can say ‘Valar Morghulis’ in comfort. 

written by Michelle Chee