Who To Notify When You’re Moving in Malaysia

So you’ve got all your stuff packed, labelled, and ready to be shipped to your new home. You’re sure you didn’t forget Aunt Siti’s heirloom vase, but can’t help feeling like you’ve missed something.

Maybe you’ve forgotten to notify someone that you’re moving? You’d want your friends and family to know you’ll be relocating. Otherwise, they might end up surprising the wrong people if they decide to pop by for a visit, and you may miss out on the lovely cards, letters, and gifts they sent over to your old address.

But besides your contacts, you’re responsible for letting these 10 parties know of your new address:

1. Utility Companies

Utilities Companies
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Get in touch with the respective utility companies if you’re no longer responsible for paying the electricity, water, and sewerage bill for your old property; if you do not change the tenancy of your old property, you might be billed for utilities that the new tenants might be using!

The change can be done easily in-person, or online through the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) online portal and by emailing Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) for your electricity and sewerage services respectively. Changing the water service, however, will need to be done in-person at any SYABAS branch.

When making the change, ensure that you have documents including your MyKad or personal identification document, Sales & Purchase Agreement of your old property, and your latest utility bill at the ready. You’ll be required to clear any outstanding bill you have before changing the tenancy.

2. The Government (National Registration Department)

The Government (National Registration Department)
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You are, by law, required to notify the government by changing your MyKad address when you move to a new residence (and intend to stay there for more than 90 days). You can do so in-person at any National Registration Department (NDR) branch. You’ll have to fill in a Change of Address form and bring along your identity card, as well as pay a fee of RM 10.00 for the address update and reissuing of a new MyKad.

3. Banks

Get in touch with your banks to update your address, even if you’ve opted to only use their online services and receive electronic statements! Many banks in Malaysia will still send promotional or sensitive material through mail, and you risk exposing your personal and financial information. Updating your address is also crucial to ensure your private information and identity is secured.

Certain banks may allow you to change your address through their online portal or over the phone, but most require you to show up in-person to do so – inconvenient, perhaps, but it ensures that your information is protected and the change isn’t a fraudulent one! Bring along your personal identification and  proof-of-address documents to make the change.

4. Credit Card Companies

Credit Card Companies
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Relatedly, make sure your credit card company knows you’re moving. This is to ensure your billing address is accurate, as well as to protect you from fraud or future complications for the discrepancy in your address. As with banks, you can do so online, over the phone, or in person at the credit card service centres.

5. Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers
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Whether it’s medical, personal, or automobile insurance, make sure your service provider knows you’ve moved! This ensures that your insurance policies are all valid and up-to-date, and gives you the proper coverage.

6. Phone And Internet Service Provider

Phone & ISP
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If you’re a post-paid or monthly-paying customer, alert your phone and internet service provider that you’re moving to make sure your billing and current residential address tally up. You can do this online, over the phone, or in-person at their service centres. Generally, you wouldn’t need to alert your phone company if you’re a pre-paid customer.

7. Subscriptions

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Don’t forget to let your subscription services know that you’ll be relocating! Think about any newspaper, magazine, food, or other subscriptions you currently pay for, and get in touch with them to update your address.

8. Online Services

Online Services
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Don’t neglect the fun stuff! If you’re an avid user of online retail and delivery services like Lazada, Zalora, Food Panda, and so on, update your address, or risk getting your purchases and packages sent to your old location – which could be a hundred kilometres away! And who knows, the new tenant might be enjoying the spoils of your forgetfulness…

9. Post Office

Post Office
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If you want to make sure all your mail gets to you, you may contact the national postal service, Pos Malaysia, to notify them of your change of address. This is to allow post forwarding for any mail that gets sent to your old address.

10. Your Neighbour

Even if you’re not particularly close with your neighbour or community, let them know that you’ll be moving. It’s basic courtesy to do so, and avoids confusion and concern when you suddenly disappear! It’ll also allow your neighbours to manage their security – burglars have been known rob houses using the ruse that they are ‘moving house’ for you, and suddenly seeing your things being carted out into unknown moving trucks might put your community into high alert!

That is, if you don’t tell them you’re moving. Besides, they might even be nice enough to offer help, or throw you a little farewell party with good food and fun!

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