Not Enough Space For a Party? No Problem!

party preparation
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These days, it’s becoming less and less common for anyone to stay in a large landed property as land is becoming scarce in the larger cities. An increasing amount of us are staying in apartments and condominiums where space is a constraint, and one thing you’ll struggle with is hosting large groups.

Whether its a birthday party,  watching a football match or just a weekend gathering, you’ll be hard pressed to fit a huge group of people into your home. However, its is completely possible and all you have to do is carry out a few adjustments. If you would like to host a party in your tiny apartment, consider carrying out these measures to make things a bit more comfortable:

1.Remove Bulky Furniture

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It’s time to move those heavy furniture out of the living room and prop them up in your bedroom for a while. Chairs can be stacked and moved to a corner and large tables removed. It may sound silly, bit this move will create more space for your guests. Instead of providing chairs, spread out rugs, carpets and throw around cushions or bean bags for your guests to get comfortable.

2. Open Doors And Windows

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In order to reduce stuffiness and to minimize the claustrophobic feeling, try keeping all the doors and windows to your house open. This includes the doors to your balcony, if you have any. Not only will this allow fresh air in, it will also allow your guests to step outside for some fresh air if they feel overwhelmed by the crowd, or just want to chill out in a more spacious area.

3. Find Multiple Uses For One Piece Of Furniture

bookshelf as food stand for party
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In order to cut down on the amount of furniture in your party space, try and find several uses for one piece of furniture. For example, wide window ledges can be used to place bottles of drinks, while a bookshelf can double as a food stand. Multi-leveled racks will come in handy at this time as they can be used to put food, as well as store you guest’s bags.

4. Stick to Dry and Finger Food

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With so many people in the house, it would be almost impossible to ensure that everyone can get seated and dine on a table. You guests will most probably be  sitting without a table or standing around while munching their food. As such, stay away from watery dishes like soups or curries, as this will force them to focus on balancing their plates, rather than enjoying themselves. Try and stick to finger foods like chicken wings, sandwiches and kebabs on a stick that will negate the need for bowls and plates. Guess what? It’ll save you a ton of washing and be great for the environment too.

5. Spread Out Activity Areas

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In order to prevent over-crowding, spread out your food, drinks and entertainment corner into different parts of the house. This means placing not more than two or three dishes on various corners of the room, and separating the gaming area or stereo controls so that it won’t cause a ‘traffic jam’ to people wanting the same things. Make sure you place plenty of rubbish bins around the room as well, so that your guests find it easy to throw things and you’ll be able to minimize clean-up later.

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written by Michelle Chee