Introducing Our New Service Type: General Contractor / Handyman!

Kaodim currently has over 250 service types that are available for you whenever you need it, including a variety of repair and installation services! However, have you ever encountered a repair problem in your home that we didn’t quite have the service type for?

Well, we have great news!

Introducing our brand new service type, General Contractor / Handyman!

This service type includes all your small or special repair and installation needs that may not be available in our other service types.

This includes, but are not limited to: Metal Work, Bidet Installation, Door Knob Installation, Faucet Installation, Hanging Frames, and many more!

For instance, do you need help installing bidets in your new home, and also setting up your LED lighting? Easy, Just book our new General Contractor / Handyman Service Type, and our experts will get it done for you. No need to double book different services!

When submitting your request, you will be required to provide the details of the services you need, so that our service providers can understand the job better and provide you with an accurate quotation.

What’s more, this service type is covered by Kaodim Guarantee. So you can ask for a free re-service if you find the initial service unsatisfactory! Click here to book this service type!