5 New Mooncake Flavours You Should Try This Year

snow skin mooncake
Photo credit: Little Day Out

You know it’s Mid-Autumn season when you see lanterns in shopping malls and photos of mooncakes in your phones. They’re an integral part of the Lantern Festival – it just doesn’t feel like it if there are no red lanterns, and if you have not had even one slice of mooncake.

Nothing makes us more excited than trying the new flavours that are released every year. Here are some of the new ones that caught our attention:

1. Mocha milk tea

mocha milk tea mooncake
Photo credit: Food Malaysia

One of Tai Thong Group’s new flavours this year is their mocha milk tea mooncake. This baked mooncake has an outer layer made from edible charcoal, and its lotus paste filling is infused with milk tea flavours. Instead of a salted egg yolk, you’ll find a mocha coffee centre.

Price: RM13.80 (mini); RM19.80 (normal)

2. Durian snow skin with salted caramel chocolate

Snow skin with pure durian and salted caramel chocolate mooncake
Photo credit: Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

We’ve seen many durian mooncakes in the market, but Intercontinental KL’s one has got to be the most unique one. Made by Chef Lo Tian Son, the pure durian paste is paired with a salted caramel chocolate centre. Sweet and salty mooncake, anyone?

Price: RM42

3. Green tea keylime

green tea keylime mooncake
Photo credit: Saiful Rizal Edris

Starbucks is also jumping onto the mooncake wagon, inspired by some of their popular drinks flavours. The green tea keylime one looks really good, especially if you’re a matcha fan. We imagine that the sourness and of the keylime goes well with the green tea. Sounds like a really refreshing dessert!

Price: RM88 for four (two green tea keylime, one roselle blueberry, one peanut butter brownie)

4. Mango snow skin with white chocolate feuilletine

Mango White Chocolate Feuilletine mooncak
Photo credit: Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Sounds fancy, right? This is one of Shangri-La Hotel’s latest collection of snow skin mooncakes. If you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll probably like this one.

Price: RM30 

5. Nourishing rose and ginseng

nourishing rose and ginseng mooncake
Photo credit: Malaysian Foodie

A ‘nourishing’ mooncake with ginseng! Who would’ve thought of this combination? The pastry chef at Dragon-i came up with this special mooncake that is rosy and herby. Reviews said that this piece is so smooth, it melts in your mouth!

Price: RM30

Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these? We want some too! If restaurant-made ones are not to your liking, try the ones made by our talented pastry chefs. Click here to request for quotations and their profiles. We’ll send them to you for free!

written by Esther Chung