This is Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

You’ve probably already seen a photo booth before and even taken a photo of yourself or your family with it. However, you’re not so convinced about renting one for your company’s event as it seems too ‘casual’. Having one during your wedding or birthday bash also seems like a luxury that you can’t afford.

It’s time to change that mindset and seriously consider booking one for the next party you’re organising, be it for work or play. Here are some of the reasons why:

A photo booth is both an on-ground and online marketing tool

Instagram photo booth frame
Photo credit: Peatix Blog

Everybody’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat these days. They’re bound to want to post about something cool that happened – what better way to make their day interesting with a cool photo booth? This tactic works especially well during media events catered for online personalities and the youth. You kill two birds with one stone: a great on-ground activation to reach your target market, and establishing an online presence to reach more people.

Remember to include a hashtag on your booth so people know what to put in their captions!

Encourages guests to mingle around

photo booth
Photo credit: HGTV

The great thing about photo booths is that it doesn’t need to be serious. You’re supposed to just choose any prop you want and strike your funniest or coolest pose in front of the camera! This encourages people to loosen up and have a good laugh about themselves, which makes it easier for everyone to mix and mingle.

Instead of having people mixing with their own clique, get everyone to start talking to each other! This will make your party livelier.

It’s the new guest book

photo booth with guest book
Photo credit: Wedding Design Ideas

Admit it, not all of us sign the guest book. On the organiser’s side, not every entry is legible. Why not use polaroids and the power of social media to keep track of all the amazing things that happened at your party? Print two copies of photos – one for your guest, one for your safekeeping – and paste it in a scrapbook.

Your guest will also be tempted to upload these photos with your event’s hashtag!

So, how do you go about making the most out of the photo booth that you rented?

Place it somewhere easily accessible

vintage photo booth
Photo credit: Walters Wedding Estates

If your event is taking place in a ballroom, don’t set up the photo booth in another room. Set it up at near the entrance of the ballroom, where guests can easily find and reach it. Your photo booth will be just a waste of money if your guests can’t find it, or find it really cumbersome to reach it.

Tell people about it

flowery photo booth
Photo credit: Capture Pod

Sometimes your nicely decorated photo booth may look like part of the decoration. So guests may not be aware that they’re encouraged to take photos there without being informed about it. Ask your emcee to make a few announcements about it so people know about the photo booth.

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written by Esther Chee