Must-do services this rainy season! Get 30% OFF

With the rainy season upon us, it could bring a variety of problems to your home, such as a leaky roof, nasty pests, cracked walls and other home woes you don’t want to deal with, but don’t worry we can help you resolve it! Here are 3 services you might need this rainy season. 

Roofing Repair

To stay safe during the rainy season, it is essential to inspect the roof of your house or walls for leakage. For instance, if you notice there is an obvious water stain across your ceiling, you most likely have a leaking roof problem, so don’t ignore it! Neglecting the roof leakage will not only cause serious damage to your ceilings but also can destroy your household items like furniture, electric appliances once it seeps through. 

If you are unsure what might be causing the stain you can hire an expert to examine and repair your roof asap, to avoid saying goodbye to your beloved furniture. 

Painting Services

Generally, the exterior of your house needs to be resistant to natural phenomena such as sun, rain and others. However, moisture can easily get collected in your walls during monsoon season, resulting in cracked walls, peeling paints and damp patches. In this situation, it is recommended that you use waterproof paint to protect your exteriors. 

If you are looking for expert advice, you can opt for our painting service to ensure your home is beautiful inside and out. We can help you stay protected rain or shine. 

Pest Control 

When we experience heavy rain, we will come to also realise that we are not the only ones who want warm shelter. Pests will also begin invading homes this includes cockroaches, termites and many others, as your home could potentially be the perfect environment for them, for example, beneath your fridge is dark and damp so it will be an ideal environment for cockroaches to breed, and your wooden furniture is a feast for termites. If you are seeing these unwanted guests book our General Pest Control and our experts will rid your home these pesky pests. 

All these home issues are caused by extended and heavy rain during this raining season. But fret not! If you need expert help, you can book our Kaodim service to diagnose and solve your home woes so you can stay safe at home during this season. Kaodim provides services ranging from Roof Repair, Weekly House Cleaning, General Pest Control and more, book now and you can enjoy 30% OFF and other great benefits!