Must Have Tools For Every Household

The Must Have Tools for Every Household

Every homeowner or renter should have these tools on hand for emergency household maintenance or minor home projects. We’re not talking about big renovation or interior design projects. There will always be little things that need to be taken care of, whether its tightening screws on  door handles or hanging up some picture frames.

With these few simple tools at home, you should be able to take care of most things yourself.


1384346811-39288600Before you start buying the rest of the tools on this list, we suggest you to get a toolbox. There are many variety of toolboxes available in the market for you to choose from. They come in different sizes, colours and designs.

You may get the one that looks similar to the picture.

You can also find a toolbox with tools in it, but those could be a little expensive. You might consider it more economical to pick out the essentials only.

The lower compartment on at the tool box gives you ample space larger tools whereas the top compartment is divided into smaller compartments for you to keep your screws, nails, bolts and such.

A toolbox makes it easier for you to safekeep your tools, and at the same time it will make you want to buy more tools to fill up the space.

Screwdriver (Philips or Flathead)

8-screwdrivers 67-012The first and most basic tool that your toolbox must have are essential screwdrivers.
Most people still can’t tell the difference and often get this mixed up but the philips is the pointy-four-edged screwdriver and the Flathead is of course the flat one. Almost everything is help together by screws, which makes having this tool a must!

Get a whole set of screwdrivers instead, as not all screws are of the same size.


HammerNow that your screws are taken care of, how about those nails?
You will be needing a hammer when you want to put up picture frames or maybe when something needs a little hamering back into shape or position.

Get one with a rubber grip for better handling. Read our resident handyman Tan Rex Saw tutorial on how to hammer effectively.

Tape Measure

41wqiWmhmxLHow many times were you out shopping for furniture, appliances or curtains but ended up not buying anything because you didn’t have the right measurements?

Keep one of these at home and you will be able to measure any length, width or height.

Get the one with a stop/release button which makes measuring much easier.

They come in different length scales, so do check it out before buying.


A57370From cutting wires to loosening that extra-tight rusted screw, a lot can be done when you have one of these in your toolbox.

Get one with the rubber grip because if the task requires this tool, you will need to put some extra bit of strength. A comfortable hold helps a lot. This is something that any electrician or plumber would have with them.


 Hex / Allen Key Set

micro_hex_key_i 51uEo1vLYPL._SY300_These will not be of use very often, but when they are required, nothing else will work. You can’t just keep using the ones Ikea gives out because they’re not always the same size. Check your bed frames, which are commonly  held together by screws that require this tool. Most common wooden furniture these days require you to have a set of these keys to either assemble or dismantle them.



4foot_ladder_500x articulated1_new furniture-great-home-interior-decoration-and-painting-ladder-furniture-by-using-silver-adjustable-wooden-spiral-staircase-fancy-home-appliances-using-ladder-for-stairwell-decoration-design-ideas

The tools above aren’t  going to be of any use if you are not able to reach the spot which needs fixing. We often use wooden stools to give us the extra height but sometimes it isn’t enough. It’s also not very safe.

Ladders come in various sizes and designs with different functionality. It’s good to look for ones with rubber-stoppers on the legs and a good locking mechanism where it bends.

With all these tools in your inventory now, home maintenance will be much easier. Collecting tools and having small home projects might turn into a hobby as well. Tan Rex Saw will certainly be proud, and so will the ladies.

Have all the tools you need but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve started but realize you might need a professional handyman? Think no more and get on today to hire our expert home contractors for all your house work!